Wednesday, 31 March 2010

You make my day!

Yes you do ladies, I've got a nasty cold at the moment but you make my day with your lovely comments! Thank you for taking the time, it's really cheered me up!I haven't got much energy today so I've just been dabbling and making brooches ,with my Cath Kidston/ Ikea quilt cover!

I made one for myself to pop on my Angora cardigan!

I shall pop some in my Etsy shop later today too!

Now let me tell you about my best friend Karen.We've known each other to have a quick chat and say hello to for about 8 years and her son was in my class at pre-school.Then I started to have a stall at Karen and her husband's events in Burford.We have become really good friends over the the last 3 and a half years. Our families get on well together and we've been on 2 amazing fun filled holidays to the Caribbean too!
We also have stalls together on Thursdays in Witney, we chat and giggle all day!
I've been nagging Karen for ages to open an Etsy shop as she sells beautiful vintage items, jewellery and homewares

I don't want you ladies to miss out as her pretty things are very reasonably priced.She only opened her shop a week ago and she's already sold 6 items!

If you'd like to take a peek it's here

She's also opening a blog shop too, you can find it here

I'm sure she'd love you to pop by and say hello!

In other news I've been tagged by the lovely Sophie Thank you Sophie, I shall have a little think and then post about it
See you soon
Rachel x


Jacquie said...

Hi Rachel
Thankyou for the lovely comments about my crochet,as you said it "makes my day" !!
Your brooches are so pretty ,I keep looking out for that fabric when I'm in the charity shops but no luck yet !!:0(
I'm just off to check out your friends Etsy
Hope Mr Lurgy soon leaves your mossy shed
Jacquie x

Karen said...

Hi Rach,
Thank you for mentioning me to your blogger friends, thanks for the plug!

I like your new little brooches, I'm sure they will go well.

I hope you're feeling better soon, I will manage somehow without you tomorrow, although it won't be the same. Think of me when its pouring down..... Are you only joking and you are coming really with it being April Fools day tomorrow??

See you soon,
Love, Karen xx

tinypaperheart said...

it looks so lovely on your cardigan! :)

A Country Girl said...

Hope you feel better very soon.
Will pop over to your friends shop for a little look.

val said...

Hi there, just popped over from MarmaladeRose to have a look at you - and glad I did.
I am just about to join in with DottieAngel too, I wonder how you have found the challenge?
Thanks for a lovely stopover, and I really like your brooches. :0)
Val xx

Ms M said...

Really nice brooches! Thanks for visiting and commenting today!


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