Friday, 27 November 2009

Yo-yo mad!

What do you get when you cross a pair of palazzo pants, a skirt lining, gingham and a few shirt buttons?

A Christmas yo-yo garland!

This yo-yo malarkey is addictive you know!

I've made a bracelet too and I love it!

Whoops, that one's a bit blurryThat's better!

This lovely lady has been yo-yoing this week tabiboo/

You can find lots of links if you'd like to make yo-yo's yourself!

I'm off to do some more!

Have a lovely weekend!

Rachel x

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A cozy evening in

A spot of hand stitching by lamplight,hearts on calico bags.
A delicious cup of hot chocolate, orange peel and cinnamon flavour, as recommended by this lovely lady! tabiboo

I didn't have cream on mine but I did have 2 Brazil chocolate cookies, yum!

Yep I'm definitely cozy, warm and relaxed!You have a cozy evening too!

Rachel x

Friday, 20 November 2009

Prettifying my storage.

I'm dabbling a bit today, having a bit of a sort out in my Tiny craft room, it needs it believe me!

The little jar to your right was an apple sauce jar with a black lid this morning.I like to think I have 'prettified' it with a floral serviette and a scrap of ribbon! Please ignore the plastic bag trying to get into the picture.The same goes for my double chin! The glue is still drying on the jar so you can still slightly see the black rim, I'm hoping this will disappear as it dries!

I've also covered the cardboard box to the left with the same napkin.

In the background is my spotty tin that I bought from Laura Ashley in the sale, that's the only time I ever buy from Laura Ashley!I bought the turquoise glass vase from the boot in the summer for 20p, Bargain!

I'm off into the garage to find some more glass jars.

Wishing you all a Happy weekend!

Rachel x

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Away with the Fairies

Well I have been for 2 days! Making a pattern for them ,deciding whether they need hair or just a bow, decisions, decisions.Once I'd finished the first one I got a little bit addicted, I love stitching them together whilst snuggling up on the sofa and watching Coronation Street! Talking of which, poor Roy, do you reckon he's a gonna, is Tony going to get his come uppance or not?
Rachel x

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Today I'm loving...

listening to the new Robbie Williams CD on Spotify! It's fantastic!Especially love the track You know me.

My new pins, so colourful, little things please little minds and all that!

Bunting in progress, I have made 10 lengths of bunting this week as I have 3 events, Thurs, Fri and Saturday

Browsing images of kitchens,especially love these two.Our kitchen is smaller than this,but we are hoping to knock down a wall and have a kitchen diner after Christmas

Image from McKeown Kit

Image from Country Living

A girl can dream....

I'm off to stitch Gingerbread men next!
Rachel x

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Today I met Jemma Redgrave!

Yes I did! I was walking into Witney to buy yarn, when a car driving towards me pulled over to ask me for directions.As I looked into the car I realised it was a famous actress from TV, as I turned into a blithering idiot trying to remember the way to Ramsden (a small village) the cogs in my brain were whirring ,

What I said,

You could go on to the next village and turn right,

You might be better to go back to the island and turn left,

You're not far away,

Sorry, I haven't really been very helpful!

What I was thinking ,

Oh my god, it's a famous actress from TV,

She's prettier in real life,

What on earth is her name?

She's got a lovely voice!

She was in that Doctor programme on TV

I think she's from a family of famous actresses,

What's she doing around here?

I wonder who she's visiting in Ramsden?

I hope Jemma Redgrave and her little boy made it to Ramsden, as I was useless at directions!

After I explained her to my friend Darryl, He said was she in Bramwell?Yep that's the doctor programme I was thinking of! was the lovely and very pretty Jemma Redgrave!

Also making me belly laugh today is this clip, so true!
Rachel x

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Trying to be organised!

Indeed I am, but not being very successful at the moment!

I have managed to start and finish a handmade Christmas gift though.This is ready to pop in the trunk for a special someone!
I still haven't stitched the handles on my patchwork bags though, must do that today ready for my stall tomorrow.

Also completed 2 lengths of bunting in pink.I've got to complete a red and blue one next.

Made a bird decoration to hang in the dining room too (sorry the photo is a bit dim)

I bought this useful book a few months ago to record what we buy people for Christmas , but I forgot where I put it! Just found it this morning at the back of my knicker drawer! That would be the one filled with pretty lacy knickers that I haven't wore for a while as I've put on weight, not the practical everyday knicker drawer with comfy knick knacks. Am I the only one with a knicker drawer such as this?Anyway, just explaining why I haven't seen the wee book for a while, too much information I know!

Just one more thing, my little frame from the 99p shop isn't it sweet, just need to pop a photo in it!

Have a lovely day ladies!

Rachel x


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