Monday, 10 May 2010

Sunshine on my Dresser

At last some morning sunshine!

As I've tidied my dresser I thought I'd share some pictures

And now we do have the sunshine, I've got furniture painting to do!Outdoors!

Rachel x

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Got up at 5.45 today to go to the boot and just as I drove to pick up my friend it started to rain! Unbelievable! However I still managed to find a few pretties!

I bought this necklace for myself and such a bargain at only 50p!
It's a Monsoon one too!
I found lots of pretty mugs, this one,
And this one,
and this one is so cute!
I love this vintage string tin, destined for my stall!

More strawberry makes too this afternoon, this is a double strawberry brooch!

Hey the sun's just popped out and I have some Dahlias to plant!


Rachel x

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Thank you for the Strawberry love ladies!

Bellaboo was very close! She thought I was going to make buting and it is, sort of!

I have made a Strawberry Garland and some strawberry keyrings so far

It was a swap that I'm taking part in that inpired me!
I did want to plant up some pots today but it's soggy and wet outdoors!
Hopefully it will be nicer tomorrow!
will you be gardening this weekend?
Rachel x

Friday, 7 May 2010

Today I am

Watching election results

Making fabric strawberries.I have a head full of ideas of what I am going to do with them.I shall show you soon!
Enjoying sniffing the lilac!

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

Rachel x

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

A Bunting Making Day

Yes today has seen me making lots of bunting whilst waiting for an important phone call, which hasn't materialised yet! Isn't that frustrating!
I even had the phone in my pocket outside taking photos of my bunting!
The Lilac smells gorgeous . This actually grew under the fence from our next door neighbours. What a wonderful freebie!

I have taken some pictures indoors too, so that you can see the colours more clearly.

A bit closer

I shall be popping some into my RubyRed Tiny Shop too!

If you'd like to snap some up it is 2.5 m long with 13 flags and costs just £9.

Hope you have been enjoying the sunshine!

Rachel x

Monday, 3 May 2010

Todays thrifty Finds

Last week was not a good one, hence lack of posts.Never mind though because things got better at the weekend!In fact ladies, your sweet encouraging comments on 'The Challenge'made me feel much better!A BIG THANKYOU to you all!

On Saturday I had my stall in Witney and sold lots of Vintage and handmade items, but I was sad not to be able to visit the V&H Fair as it's so amazing!If you missed it too they have got brilliant photos on Flickr

The pretty plate in the above photo was found at the boot today and I love it! I mean REALLY love it .I am going to put it on the wall behind the bench in my summerhouse
I might keep this pretty little plate too , if it doesn't sell on my stall!

I also bought lots of Crown Devon too! This will going on my stall.

One of my favourite finds today was this pretty vintage evening bag

I love the pretty clasp!

Want a closer look?

Hope you all enjoyed your bank holiday, I shall enjoy catching up on your blogs!

Rachel x


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