Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Nobody Puts Baby In A corner!

sorry, just couldn't resist!

Or how about...

All the single ladies! Tee Hee!!

Little things make me laugh!

Have a sweet day!

Rachel x

Monday, 28 March 2011

I've been....

painting,This is for my stall on Thursday. I also painted 2 pine bar stools( will show on later date) and another vintage mirror. In fact, I got lots of painting projects done as the weather was so lovely!

I have been making
bunting from my granny squares in the last post.I'm definitely becoming addicted to granny squares!

Last week I bought some gorgeous fabrics from a stall on Oxford Antiques and Craft Market.

The lady selling them was lovely, much oohing and aahhing was taking place as it was mainly vintage!

I particularly loved this pretty print and I've made some lavender hearts with it. Some for my stall, some for The Old Pill factory in Witney and a few for Etsy.

needless to say, I didn't have time for any baking so I'm going to do a sponge pudding this evening!

What have you been up to?

Friday, 25 March 2011

Happiness is.....

crochet granny squares, pretty flowers and a bit of sunshine, magical!

Wishing you a happy weekend wherever you are!

Rachel x

Monday, 21 March 2011

Good Morning, and it's such a gloriously sunny one! I practically hopped out of bed at 6.30am today!

I love that about Spring, don't you?

Time seems to be rushing by as usual, we have had family visits, my daughter has been home from uni and we have been on lots of sunny walks with Wilson! I did lots of home baking for everyone, a lovely Victoria Sponge with lemon curd and whipped cream, very naughty!I also made cheese flan which went down very well!

But now things have settled back into a daily routine and I have been making lots of goodies for my stall and Etsy shop.Please feel free to take a peek.
I have had a few emails asking if my rose brooches are for sale, so just to let you know I have popped a few onto Etsy!

Since we have had Wilson, a few more doggy makes seem to have crept into my work!

Now I must get ready for a trip to the post office, beat the rush!

Have a lovely day, hope it's sunny wherever you are!

Rachel x

Monday, 7 March 2011

Oh my word!

I can't believe my last post was back in January!! Life got very busy, I left it VERY late to do my tax return(only 3 days to spare) hope I never do that again! Then I swapped markets again. as you know I have a stall on Thursdays in Witney, but since November takings have been down quite a bit, so we (being me and my friend Karen) decided to go back to the Antiques and Craft market in Oxford.I have been there for the past 3 weeks. I do miss Witney and my regular customers there as they are so lovely , but hopefully I will have a stall on some Saturdays in the Spring months.
So what have I been up to? Crochet , crochet and more crochet, I love it sooo much!!

I got a bit addicted to making these rose brooches and then my lovely friend Karen bought me a big bag of beautiful vintage mohair from a tabletop sale and I made lots more!
The colours are so pretty!

Made these roses in yarn from my existing stash.

I love making these ruffle scarves too! I have popped some in my Christmas gift drawer.You see that's me, so behind in some things and ahead of myself in others!

I also gave our bedroom a HUGE tidy up and finally got around to putting up my vintage prints which I love, hubby not so much, but he still put them up bless him!

Thank you so much to you all for leaving comments on previous posts, sorry I am so sporadic and a HUGE cuddly welcome to all my new followers too! So pleased that you pop by for a peek into my little world

Have a fantabulous week!

Rachel x


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