Monday, 22 March 2010

Just wonderin....

How I could have reached the age of 42 and NEVER heard this song before.A hauntingly beautiful song.Wild is the Wind this is the David Bowie version, so beautiful!

I came across it when I was listening to Billy Mackenzie on Spotify.I loved Billy in the 80's in the Associates. Me and my friend Nora McGrath used to listen to their 12"over and over again.We thought he was GORGEOUS. I was about 14 at the time!

Anyway Spotify led me to YouTube and there I heard him sing it, so haunting and beautiful
Sadly Billy committed suicide in 1997 aged 39
such a shame....

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bad penny said...

I don't know it. So many brilliant singers die so young - very troubled minds.

About wearing boots...I love Spring & Autumn best for this ! I'm not really a summer girl even though I've lived in the sun so many times. Winter I hate wearing lots of heavy clothes so I'm a spring & Autumn girl - If I wear a skirt I wear boots - but sadly I'm usually in mud splattered jeans !
( dog walking )


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