Tuesday, 2 March 2010

It's been a while!

I didn't mean to be away for long! Hubby has been swapping the hard drive on the computer and it has taken ages!

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my last post, you are all very kind.There were lots of questions on how I covered the note books, there is a brilliant tutorial I have found for you here!

This very talented lady shows a step by step guide in photos.The only thing I would add, is that when you poke the tiny bit of fabric between the spine and the pages, use a bamboo skewer or a cocktail stick. it's much easier than trying to use your fingers!

A few weeks ago I took part in the No Frills magazine swap organized by the lovely Floss trocbroc.blogspot.com/Floss did an amazing job, matching everone up! Thank you for that Floss!
My partner was a very nice lady in France called Carole. Her blog is feejardin-logis.blogspot.com/ Carole has a wonderful garden and a lovely blog!

She is also VERY kind as she sent TWO gorgeous magazines!
I have really enjoyed looking at them

They both contain some beautiful images!I'd love to have a little snooze here, on a hot lazy afternoon, with a gass of cooling Pimms on the table! Perfect!

What a gorgeous cupboard!

Love this dining room!Very grand, but also cozy and homely at the same time!

The magazines are now in my magazine rack, next to the sofa and I keep having a litle peep for inspiration!Thank you so much Carole!

The last few weeks have been spent making goodies for my little stall.I've been using my yo-yo's!

Also been making hearts as these sell well on my stall!

If it's not raining this week I shall try and take some photos to show you!

Have a great week!

Enjoy the first days of spring! I am

I may even venture outside to hang some washing on the line!


Rachel x


Hen said...

Good luck with the stall, Rachel. Nice to see you back.
hen x

Floss said...

What a lovely post - glad to have you back! Those French magazines do look great - I hanker after English ones over here, but I shouldn't forget that the home-grown stuff is wonderful too. Best of luck with the stall. You have some lovely stock.

bellaboo said...

Glad you're back...miss your posts!
Love those pics from the mag,and all your lovely 'makes'.Hope you do well with the stall.I long to hang the washing out again!

Bellaboo :o)

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Glad you have come back!

Love the chandlier in the mag and the cupboard too. So very pretty.

Wow you have been really busy. Such pretty makes.I am sure they will be selling like hot cakes.


Carole said...

I'm glad you liked the magazines. Things have been pretty hectic around here as well - lots to do at work... but I could start to work in the garden !!! Oh bliss !

Blondie's Journal said...

Welcome back, Rachel! It sounds like the swap was a lot of fun. I have a friend who visited London and brought home some British magazines for me that I just prize (even though they are all from September, 09!!). I have subscriptions to every American magazine...it seems! BTW, what is a Pimms?

Love your yo yo's and know they will be great sellers at your stall, as well as the hearts. Much luck to you! :-)


tinyinc said...

very cute clips

bad penny said...

hello - great to see you again !
Super yo yos.
I try to avoid magazines these days but did buy one on veggie growing !

Marcela said...

The heart is so cute! :)

Marcela said...

Hi RACHEL! today post is so nice!
I added to my blog roll!

A Country Girl said...

Thanks for the notebook tutorial link - off to have a look at that.


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