Saturday, 18 July 2009

Busy times!

Things have been so busy this week. My 14 year old son has been on a school trip to Ypres,he returned on Wednesday evening.I was up and out very early the next day to run my stall and then Friday I had to help him pack for his Duke of Edinburgh Award expedition in Derbyshire!We had to pack 3 days worth of food too.It's quite difficult as you have to pack 3 packed lunches as well as 2 evening meals! Obviously you can't pack anything that needs refrigerating after the first day!It's complicated stuff you know! He has taken pre packed chocolate croissants for lunch on the 3rd day with crisps and a bag of dried apricots. He will be so tired when he gets home as it's a 30 mile walk, phew! I shall come him something special for tea.We've been to Go Outdoors today to buy a tiny camping stove for a little break in the Peak District! We have borrowed a tent from my parents! I'm so excited as I love camping, but Hubby's not quite as keen!(I shall tell you why another time)

Bought 2 large sheets and 2 pillowcases in this pretty floral design from a local C/S, I think I shall use it in bunting.I have been selling bunting on my stall for over 18 months, it didn't go well at first, but lately I've sold lots each week, not that I'm complaining. I have a lovely young couple who buy some each week as they are having a Vintage style afternoon tea for their wedding reception!I think the bunting craze is a little late hitting Witney and we haven't even started on Union Jack cushions yet

Bought this pretty plant from the 99p shop! I've popped it on the patio.

I'm loving the smell of my Lavender too!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, we are off to the pub with some friends this evening.

Rachel x

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Things you will find around my home

Favourite mugs in the kitchen, red of course!

New to me jam pot from the boot, just £1

Love this metal stand which I have painted cream.I will show you when I have given it a second coat, I love it! Cost just £2 also from the boot!

A close up of a very pretty oil painting, just £4, guess where from?

These live on my bedroom window sill.

Made myself a bag to hold just a fraction of my yarn stash.

A snippet of my dresser which I would love to paint cream, but as we had it handmade I don't think I can persuade hubby at the mo.Lets just say he doesn't always see my 'vision'!

Saving the best till last, I was lucky enough to win this BEAUTIFUL print from Sam at

a HUGE THANK YOU to you, I love it. Sam sent this to me a while ago and I was hoping I would have it framed by now.Trouble is we are redecorating downnstairs and I haven't decided which room to have it in, decisions decisions!

See you soon
Rachel x

Monday, 6 July 2009

An amazing weekend!

Oh yes! Yesterday we were here,Wembley Stadium

to see TAKE THAT! It was AMAZING!
It wasn't just a concert, it was a spectacular show.There were all sorts of circus acts going on during the show, including a huge mechanical elephant with the boys on top!

They put their on own clown makeup on stage

They sang all their songs, old and new and were brilliant live!It gave us goosebumps as 80,000 people sang along with them!

It was a bit of a nightmare trying to exit the stadium carpark at the end.It took us an hour and a half to get out, we didn't move at all for the first hour!

We eventually arrived home at 1.30 am and were desperate for a cup of tea.

Must tell you,we checked on the website that you are allowed to take in your own food and drink(and you are) so we took a 2l bottle of lemonade and lots of water as it was hot.What they don't tell you on the website is that they take the bottle tops from you. YES people,they take your bottle tops from you, in case you use them as MISSILES! How mad is that.So you have to walk around with full bottles of drinks and no lids! Now my friend Karen, who was with us managed to get a flask through, she was taken to the supervisor, who was so flabbergasted that she had taken a flask of tea to a Take that concert, he let her through with it!. now I'm no missile expert, but my guess is, and this is just my opinion, you could do much more heavy damage if you threw a flask of tea than a plastic bottle top, but hey what do I know!

Back tomorrow with car boot loot and a thankyou!
Rachel x


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