Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Back again!

I know 2 posts in one day ,what's going on ?Well Blogger wouldn't save my post earlier so I just published a little bit.Anyway lots to tell and all that so I'm back.

I have given this little chap a face as he couldn't see where he was going

I am also working on a bunny garland.

At the weekend we went up to Birmingham to celebrate my mums 60th Birthday. All the family met up for a lovely Chinese at lunch time.We then went back to my parents house for Champagne and Birthday cake.Here's the Birthday girl on my sons PSP for the first time.

See you're never too old to learn a new skill.A lovely time was had by all.She'll kill me for showing this photo!

Now let me give you an update on the loft situation remember I was meant to show you an After photo last Friday, well I failed.I have made progress, but it seems it's a much bigger job than I first thought.I also had to fulfill a few orders that came in and just didn't get around to finishing the loft.But I will be finishing it for THIS Friday.Then I've got to start on my spare room which isn't very spare at all but is an overflow for the rest of the house!

And the winner is....

Monkee-maker, Congratulations!You guessed the nearest to Peanuts age, you guessed 15 but he is actually 19 and will be 20 in August, hopefully!Could you let me know your address and I'll pop a little gift in the post for you

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Russian Dolls, my Peanut and a Rosy Pig

Let me introduce you to my cat Peanut.Here he is enjoying the rays of sun we were lucky enough to get today.He thinks this is his space on top of the sofa and he stays here for most of the day.Have a guess how old he is and leave a comment and if you guess correctly I'll send you a little gift.I'll check on Tuesday to see if there's a winner.If not it will be the person who's picked the closest number to his age.
As it's light for once I thought I'd take a photo of my little Russian dolls to show you.My hubby bought them in St Petersberg last year while he was working out there.These are 3 separate sets.Lucky me!
I forgot to take a picture of my little pig money box before.I bought him from the car boot last summer for just 50 p .I love his sweet little face and couldn't resist him.He holds all my loose change.

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Knitted Bunnies

Hi all

This week I have been mainly knitting and making lots of these(from the stash of yarn in my loft) see I am working on sorting it. I knitted them as I watched a beautiful film called The Notebook.My daughter hired it from Blockbusters and we all watched it last night, I got a headache from trying not to cry(this always happened when I was a little girl too!) Anyway I highly recommend it.Must give these little chaps some faces now!

Sorry, I forgot to iron the tea towel background!

Friday, 18 January 2008


Well I've made a decision to be organised this year, oh yes it's gonna be a new me( hubby sniggering in back ground).Well, he has heard it so many times before ,but I REALLY mean it this time!My cunning plan is to have before and after photo's on my blog and this will shame me into getting my act together.I have stashes of stuff everywhere fabrics, yarns,card making supplies, all waiting to be made into lovely items but at the moment it takes me to long to find all the pieces I need for each project.So it starts here today.This is going to be a new me, oh yes!

I've started with the loft, we found an old wasps nest that has been up there since the summer!Anyway here is the Before picture

I know, it's very bad, but by next Friday you won't believe the difference.Gulp!

I've been in the pink this week, making lots of new things for my website.I have made 4 of these

and a few of these from an Ikea fleece throw.I have also enjoyed catching up on all your lovely blogs after Christmas.Spose I'd better start on the loft then,Ta Ta for now X X


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