Sunday, 29 May 2011

Todays loot from the boot!

Todays loot from the boot

It took me ages to clean up the heavily tarnished candy dish! I'm so glad I did though!I love the tiny glass decanter and I may keep it for my bedroom!
This Royal Albert sugar bowl is so pretty!
Another little find I forgot to show you last week.Such a sweet little vintage brooch, made with the teensiest tiny stitches! I have popped it here.
Actually, I'm surprised the boot was on, as it looked as though it was going to rain any second!
I went mainly for plants, Sweetpeas and geraniums for a little colour in the garden!
Although I'm waiting for the sun to come out to plant them
Apparantly it is going to rain all day tomorrow! Hey, ho, I shall crochet all day then!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend!
Rachel x

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Floral garlands

Thank you for your sweet comments on the last posts, they are much appreciated!
Now this week I have been making fabric flower garlands as my tiny little craft room is overflowing with vintage fabrics!
I have also made FQ for my stall and I will get around to popping some on Etsy too!
Anyway I have really enjoyed making these. Once I have cut the circles, it's very much a sit down and handstitch kind of a project which I love!
I shall make some of these for my summerhouse too I think!
In fact, now the wind has died down a little bit, I may take my little project outdoors!
Have popped a few here too!
Have a lovely afternoon!
Rachel x

Sunday, 22 May 2011

A Little Makeover

Last year, in October, I noticed a dressing table on Freecycle. It was described as having 3 drawers.I  thought this sounded ideal for my daughters bedroom (she's got the smaller room now she's at Uni)
Luckily the lady who owned it only lived a few roads away and we promptly went to collect it!
However,It was not a little dressing table, it was HUGE with 4 drawers either side!
Never mind I thought, I will still find a place for it.Hubby and I wrestled it down the lady's stairs without damaging her wallpaper and carpet (it weighed a ton and I could see the Hubster was doubtful! We thanked the lady and wrestled it into the back of my car (which is a tiny KA) it was half in half ou!. I drove home VERY carefully!It lived in our dining room for a good few months.

Then I finally got around to painting it Old White by Annie Sloan
 I decided to paint it as the top was quite scratched!
That is also Wilson's bum in the picture!
Anyhoo, it now lives in the lounge, topped with goodies I have found from local car boots, mostly costing about a £1 each, except for the lamp which we already had!
Even the Hubster has grown to like it!

I have lots  of other makeovers I need to get on with but it's so breezy outdoors today, not  ideal painting weather!
Rachel x 

Friday, 20 May 2011

Doing a Happy Dance!

Oh how I wanted to squeal and do a Happy Dance when I spotted this little beauty in the C/S today. Yes she's a bit grubby and bashed at the sides but lets look past that, the fabric print is a lovely design and she's beautiful on the inside and that's what counts!
Wanna take a peek?
Such vintage lovelies inside! Look at the sweet wooden spool and the tiny knitting needles and the threads and the suspenders!This tray lifts out too and there's more room underneath!I'll be taking her to Oxford with me tomorrow and she'll hopefully find a new home!
I'd love to keep her but I only have a tiny craft room with waaay too much stuff!
Thank you for all the sweet comments about Wilson, he has now decided blue is not for him and he's back to his old colour!
A warm welcome to new followers and commenters I am so thrilled you pop by and take a peek at my little blog!
Edited- I wrote this post on Wednesday but it wouldn't publish, so the dates are out now but Hey ho I have sorted Blogger now!
Have a lovely weekend gals!
Rachel x

Friday, 13 May 2011

Wilsons New Look

Wilsons New Look by RubyRed06
Wilsons New Look, a photo by RubyRed06 on Flickr.

Wilson was fed up of being pale and interesting and decided to go for a new look, a little more 'out there'
He calls it summerhouse blue.
This look can be achieved in seconds, just stroll past the freshly painted summerhouse and back again! Hey presto!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

A New Find

A New Find by RubyRed06
A New Find, a photo by RubyRed06 on Flickr.

Found this lovely tea set yesterday!The Carlton by Swan, from the 1950's I think!
I bought it for my stall but I won't be going to Oxford tomorrow.Usually Hubby works from home on Thursdays and looks after Wilson but he can't tomorrow. I have taken Wilson with me before but its a bit of a pain as there's another dog there who barks when he sees dogs and I don't want to upset other traders.Wilson is fine with other dogs, but he used to do this too! He's a big boy now!
I could leave Wilson at home but it's quite a long day and all our furniture from the lounge is teeerting in piles in the dining room as Hubby cleaned the carpet at the weekend and it hasn't fully dried yet! Well it has but leaving a nasty smell in one area that he overwet with the cleaner!
I did advise him not to do it as it was a rainy day and I knew it would dry too slowly. Did he listen? No.
Anyhoo I can't leave Wilson in case something topples on him!
If you are still awake and not fallen asleep with the humdrum boringness of this story, I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow!
Rachel x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My New Bracelet

My new Bracelet by RubyRed06
My new Bracelet, a photo by RubyRed06 on Flickr.

Freshly made today! Once I start yoyoing I can't stop.I bought the fabric off Ebay a while ago, a ditsy little floral.
I bought my freshwater pearls in Spain, only 1 euro each bracelet, such a bargain!
Hope you had a lovely day, we had lots of sunshine here!
Rachel x

Monday, 9 May 2011

A bit of Painting and Decoupage and Pinterest

Really enjoying painting and decopage at the mo! Loving Pinterest too! It's so addictive and I spent waaay to long on it yesterday!

So much inspiration, prettiness and many gorgeous ideas!
Now the complicated bit for me, was that I had to join Facebook to connect to Pinterest.

I may have mentioned before that I am not good at technical things but my son assured me it is easy to join Facebook! It wasn't, well not if I wanted to do it as RubyRed. First I had to register in my own name, then I could open a page as RubyRed.

Apparantly I can only be known by my username when I have 25 followers, but how will I find 25 followers if they don't know where I am on Facebook!

I am totally confuzzled!I don't get 'following' or a 'fan' either!! Grr!! I think it will take me some time to get to grips with FB, but I will probably be on much more than I should be!

Now I must be away, I have orders to post and a mountain of Heart Garlands to make!

Have a Sweet week everyone, and thank you for the lovely comments and emails on my patchwork garland, I really appreciate them!

Still can't post from Blogger, just don't know whats wrong with it!

Rachel x

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Flower Patchwork Garland

Flower Patchwork Garland by RubyRed06
Flower Patchwork Garland, a photo by RubyRed06 on Flickr.

Wrote a long post on Blogger today but it just won't upload, even from draft! Thought I'd just try from Flickr instead! Made this Patchwork Flower Garland yesterday using all my tiny fabric pieces !Bit fiddly and time consuming, but I do love a bit of handstitching! Hopefully I will catch up with you all soon!
Rachel x


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