Monday, 9 June 2014

I've finished a project!

So pleased that I've actually finished a project! A while back I started a  crochet cushion, but I lost interest when it was time to sew the ends in.Then I came across this chair with potential at the charity shop for a fiver and I couldn't resist it. It's perfect for my summerhouse in the garden, or my craft room, when I say perfect, I mean it would be with a lick of paint

I'd already bought the paint for another project, but it still took me two weeks to get started!
The paint colour is called Water from B&Q, it's an emulsion but I turned it into a chalk paint so that it would stick to the wood.

Ta- Dah

I'm really pleased with the colour and I think it co-ordinates well with the cushion, which I finally finished yesterday!
Now I must crack on with the project that I originally bought the paint for!
Have a great week!
Rachel x


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