Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Catching up

Hooray!I'm slowly catching up at last.The decorations are up, lots of presents are wrapped and cards written, but not yet delivered.Saturday will be mainly spent baking lots of goodies.Can't wait for Christmas day now!

This afternoon I popped into Witney to buy some last minute prezzies, but mainly because I needed to have some passport photos taken,what a palaver!Firstly, I have not got a technical brain, my mind just turns into mulch when faced with instructions on machines.You have to choose what type of photos you want then press the button, then put the right money in, but not in a slot, in a metal bit that sticks out, then you have to push this forward, one coin at a time, unfortunately the machine didn't like my last £1 coin and kept spitting it out while I fumbled in my purse in a panic in case my time ran out.

Then the machine started to talk to me and totally confused me, as I was trying to read the instructions on the screen at the time.

You aren't allowed to have a fringe on your forehead also you are meant to have your ears on show, I kid you not!Well at the last second my hair fell forward and covered my ears and I stared madly at the screen, eyes wide( the flash usually makes me blink).I know, you're probably thinking this woman sounds like a loon. I'm in a fit of giggles as I write this, as I'm such an idiot about such supposedly simple things .

I thought I'd have 3 more attempt to get it right,well that's what happened last time I had my passport picture done, 10 years ago, but no, I pressed the button to say ok after the first one and that was it.It started to print 4 photos of the same image out, I look stunned on the photo,well I was, very, but I couldn't be bothered to pay another £4, it will have to do for the next 10 years!

Now I know how old people feel with all this new fangled machinery!Blogger's also giving me grief and won't let me upload any photos tonight!

Back to making the handmade presents now and I've just ate a gorgeous mince pie that my daughter and her boyfriend made, they're lovely and buttery with orange zest in the pastry, yum!Wishing you all Good Luck with your Christmas prep!Don't get too stressed.

Monday, 10 December 2007

Sooo.. behind

Yep, I am just so behind with my Christmas prep this year.I haven't MADE Christmas cards yet let alone send them!In fact the only ones I've made and sent were to my in-laws in Spain.That's a story in itself.I made them a parcel of Christmas goodies, nothing to heavy,Thornton's choccies Scottish shortbread, slippers , crossword book and body cream.My daughter and myself rushed to the post office and as there wasn't a parking space, I drove very slowly around the block while she went to post it .Well,10 minutes later she returned still clutching the parcel.You're not gonna believe it mum, but it's gonna cost £ 29 to send it so I thought I 'd better let you think about it .It took me ooh 1 second to decide,we'll have to go home and take something out.Apparently it costs about £10 to send a 2 kilogram parcel but anything over that goes up dramatically.In effect,we took out the shortbread and the crossword book which cost about £5 and saved ourselves £19, how ridiculous is that( hope my mo in law doesn't read this blog as I've just ruined the surprise)

We haven't put our tree up yet as we've just had a very busy weekend.The school Christmas fair on Friday went really well.I sold lots and had lots of lovely comments about my stuff.I was up at 6 am on Saturday morning as I had the local craft fair to do.It was all very festive but I had a very slow start.Around lunch time I had a customer with a Cath Kidston bag and I had a feeling she might like my stuff.She was a lovely lady and she bought handfuls of Christmas decs and a garland I also had lovely friends popping in to see me during the afternoon which made time pass more quickly.Cups of tea, toasted tea cakes and gossip do that don't they.My lovely daughter came to see me on her lunch break and then she returned to help me pack away at 4 pm.Then it was back home for a bath and to dye my hair before going out for a Christmas meal and disco with friends.Oh yeah, I know how to live it up lol we were back home by 12.30 having a cup of tea!Some of the others went out clubbing but we were too knackered!Obviously we'd over done it at the disco Ha all that strutting to Beyonce! We were going to put the tree up on Sunday but were too tired to get it all out of the loft .I think we'll do it tomorrow.We like to play Christmas music and have some hot mince pies while hanging up the decs.What are your family Christmas traditions?

Bought these at the car boot for£1, aren't they pretty! Must get back to my sewing now as I've got 2 more events this week.Thank you for all your lovely comments wishing me Good Luck at the craft fairs.

Monday, 3 December 2007

Christmas prep

Hi all, haven't been around for a while to blog but I have been reading other peoples.I love looking at all the Christmas preparations and photos.Have you seen Cherry's gingerbread house, its adorable ! Also I popped by happylovesrosie to see their Christmas photos and ther house looks wonderful.Manda at treefall has made a gorgeous Elf cushion using an IKEA table runner, she's so artistic!

Thank you so much for the lovely comments you've been leaving on my posts.I love to read them.

she was very kind to mention my website on her blog as she'd made a large order of goodies.It's lovely to keep in touch with customers.Pop over to visit her blog, I'm sure she'd be pleased to hear from you.

Congratulations to the first three people who left comments on my last post, (PIF Exchange)a little gift will be on its way to you tomorrow.I've got lots of parcels to post so I expect tomorrow will find me in a very long queue at the post office.Today was spent cleaning the dining room and I mean a proper clean ready for Christmas, dusty skirting boards and everything!

It's such a busy week again as I have the market in Oxford on Thursday,a Christmas fair on Friday evening and a craft fair in Witney on Saturday.Good luck to all of you who are also doing craft fairs, hope you all do really well!

Sunday, 11 November 2007

These Boots are made for Walkin

Just thought I'd share some piccies of these amazing boots my v. clever daughter decorated for her Art Foundation course.She based them on The Land of the Faraway Tree as she loves the book from when she was little.She spent days making them as they are very detailed, don't you just love the tiny little picnic blanket!She made the food from Fimo.
PIF exchange.Yes it is that time!I'll send a little gift if you are the first 3 people that leave me a comment, requesting to join in the PIF Exchange.The only thing you have to do in return is carry on the pay it forward to 3 other people.I look forward to hearing from you.

Monday, 5 November 2007

Little Fat Men

I'm talkin about my little Gingerbread men with their little tubby tummies and their little chubby cheeks!

Friday, 2 November 2007

Stockings and stuff

Hi all, sorry it's been such a long time since my last post, I've been really busy attending lots of craft events and my family have been hogging the computer!I have done lots of knitting and

sewing and I have made these

and these Angels .I have also made these for hanging on your Christmas tree

These will be going onto my website at the weekend but if you would like any of the items, you can order from my blog, by leaving a comment or an email letting me know what you would like.

Prices and info

Stockings-These are fully lined with calico and measure approx 30 cm from the top to the heel.

Angels-These are made with calico, cottons and poly/cotton and measure approx 30 cm from top to toe.

The hearts are made from gingham and denim and are £1.50 each.
I will keep postage to a minimum.

I will also be taking part in the PIF exchange later in the week as I have now made my gifts so don't forget to look out for it if you'd like to take part.
Phew, it's back to the sewing machine now as I have a large order to complete in the next week!

Friday, 21 September 2007

Lots to do

You know that feeling, you've got so much to do and don't know where to start,I feel a bit like that today.I need to update my website, make things for my stall,fill in my tax return, YUK, luckily Hubby is going to help with that one, (although he doesn't know it yet) I'm not usually a list maker, but I really think I need to turn into one , to be more organised.It seems if I don't put pen to paper, all the things just mill about in my head taking up brain space that I'm sure I must need for something else!

I have been making these at the moment,
Felt brooches, they look lovely pinned to a pretty cardigan or handbag.I have also been making these , ready for Christmas!

I couldn't put these photos on the last post, so here they are(see last post)

Thanks again,http://www.blogger.com/mollycupcakes@blogspot.com/

Before I go, must tell you to go over to Fredsworldhttp://fredsworld.wordpress.com/ There's a photo to make you smile!

Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Guess where I've been

No, not to London to visit the Queen,I've been to the Flea Fair at Malvern with my lovely friend K, she and her husband D are both Antique dealers.I went along to help her with her stall and I had a fantastic time!We had to get up at 4 am(that bit was a killer) and set off at around 5 am as Malvern is about an hour away from us.We arrived early so we could park near to the doors and it wasn't so far to lug all her lovely stuff and believe me K had some stuff!She sources such lovely things, china, art pottery, crystal, textiles and beautiful jewellery.K had a gorgeous wooden sleigh with metal runners, probably from the 1960's.Her stall did very well and we were busy for most of the day.We still managed to fit in lots of chat and we ate quite a bit, well, you have to keep your strength up!We stuffed ourselves, I mean we delicately nibbled on Toblerones, well, they're half price at Sainsburys at the moment!I had a good look around the other stalls and found some lovely bargains,including these

The key is huge,It's hanging off the same hook as the welcome sign to put it in context.

I also bought these beautiful brooches

I'll show you the rest of my goodies on my next post.Some of these lovely things will be going on sale on my website next week so keep a look out if you're interested,I'll be including a vintage section on it soon, exciting stuff eh?

Now last but not least, some time ago I took part in the PIF (pay it forward)exchange with Mollycupcakes http://mollycupcakes.blogspot.com/ And she sent me a lovely little parcel of goodies which were parceled beautifully and I took lots of photo's of the packaging and everything,Unfortunately hubby accidently deleted them BEFORE I got to post about them! Anyway I love the little gifts of pegs , all hand painted with a little twine line, a sweet little cupcake picture and a lovely cupcake card! Thankyou so much Catherine and sorry it took so long for me to post about them!I have retaken the photo's but for some stupid reason Blogger won't let me put them on this post so I shall put them on the next.
Rachel x

Sunday, 26 August 2007

A lot to Say!

Hi all,

this post may be a long one as I have such a lot to say.We had a wonderful few days in Brighton,What a fantastic place!It has a very relaxed atmosphere and there are loads of things to do there!The pier was great, we had an ice cream and walked along the promenade.Our favourite place was the Brighton Pavilion,which was gorgeous, especially the dining room and the music room.we also went to the marina to walk off our full English breakfast!The only thing I was gutted about was that I spotted a Cath Kidston shop, it's a new one which wasn't opening until Wednesday and we were returning home on Tuesday,Typical! I practically ran up to the door in excitement too!Never mind I can always go to the one at Bicester. Anyway I highly recommend Brighton and will be returning again!

I must show you some of my beautiful Birthday presents too
my parents,brother and sister and their families all clubbed together to buy me this lovely table and chairs, how lucky am I!They also bought me this sweet little one cup teapot!
and this too! Ive wanted to get a wire cake stand for ages but the shop kept selling out!

I was so touched by these lovely presents as my family had obviously put a lot a thought into what to buy me.I love my family. A lot.

Now a while ago I was surprised and pleased to be given a Nice Matters Award by http://shropshiregirl.blogspot.com/

Started by http://bella-enchanted.blogspot.com/ , the award is to be"awarded to those who are just nice people, good blog friends and those who inspire good feelings and inspiration!Those that care about others, that are there to lend support or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world" Thank you so much Shropshire girl! Now I have to nominate 7 blogs,this is the bit I find difficult! There are so many I like to read and for many different reasons.Some cheer me up and make me laugh, some for their crafting skills and some to look at pictures of their fabulous homes! Anyway, here goes , I love them all!

Friday, 17 August 2007

Recycling,Eden style

Okay, I know my last two posts have been about Cornwall and the Eden Project, but just gotta show you these piccies and then I'll shut up, honest! A dog made from old wellies -Great stuff!What an amazing horse, made from driftwood too!Now, I'm off to visit Brighton for our 21 st wedding anniversary treat and I've just had my 40 th birthday too! Yes I know, I was a baby when I got married, but we're still happy! Anyway I'm sure I'll have lots to chat about when I get back!Ta ta for now
Rachel x x

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Eden Project

As I was saying in my last post,the Eden Project in Cornwall was fantastic.The plants and flowers were wonderful!Wouldn't you just love a garden full of these beauties, I would, perhaps next year when we actually get a full summer,sigh....

Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Cornwall,St. Ives,Eden Project

Hi all, yes I am still alive! I can't believe it's been so long since my last post!I have wanted to but so many things have happened in the last few weeks, I didn't know where to start.Luckily they are all lovely things so I'll tell you about my holiday in Cornwall.We left the floods behind us( I live in Witney in Oxfordshire and it was quite bad) and set off for sunny Cornwall ,HEY ,we were optimistic.My favourite place in Cornwall is St. Ives but it gets so busy so we stayed in Penzance , which has the lovely St.Michael's Mount only three miles away!We drove into St Ives quite a few times but you seem to have to arrive there by 10 am to find a parking space!Anyway I still love it,the beaches are gorgeous, the sea is a beautiful colour.You'd think it was the Mediterranean until you dipped your toes in Brrr...It's bloody freezing! It took me half an hour standing with it lapping around my shins before I plucked up the courage to wade in up to my thighs! Guess what,we had one day of sunshine and we burnt, it took us by surprise I think, you know , having not seen it for so long.We did lots of walking, eating , sightseeing, eating,relaxing, eating.The cream teas were gorgeous, as were the pasties although I had to wrestle with a seagull to keep mine! the little Bugger tried to swoop from behind and catch me unawares ,but I fought for that pastie I tell you, and he only got a mouthful of paper HAH!Seriously though the seagulls are becoming a right pain ,constantly taking food from children in their buggies.No wonder there aren't many cafes where you can eat outside!

On the last day , also my sons Birthday we decided to go to the Eden Project on the way home.IT. WAS.AMAZING.We all loved it.For those who don't know there is a a Outdoor Biome which has a temperate climate (like ours), a Mediterranean Biome and a Rainforest Biome.Believe me it is fantastic for children and adults alike, it's just so interesting and very visual too!It's so well laid out with lots of lovely places to eat and lots of clean toilets(in case you need to go)We took lots of photo's,which for some reason, Blogger wont let me post at the moment!I shall be back with piccies later in the week!

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Hey I've been Tagged!

Thank you for tagging me http://vintageamethyst.blogspot.com/ wasn't sure what I had to do exactly,I mean I know I have to write a list, but I don't think I know 8 other people haven't been tagged already! Anyway I'll give it a go .

  1. I hate being sick(vomiting)I'll do anything not to be sick.I'd rather lie still for 24 hours and keep it down than get it over and done with, I think it's almost a phobia!What a cheerful topic to start with hey?

  2. I love nutty chocolate,whole nut, chocolate Brazil's, peanut m&M's, etc.But I HATE fondant things like Cadburys creme eggs and strawberry cremes.I also like Revels but it's a bit like Russian Roulette with the coffee and orange ones, but hell, sometimes I like to live dangerously!

  3. I was useless at sewing when I was younger.I could knit but sewing? no.I remember at school,we had to make a wraparound skirt and do an embroidered flowers project, I never finished either of them!I started enjoying sewing when I was about 21 and had my daughter.I made her a lovely pair of pink polka dot dungarees!

  4. When I had my stall at the collectors fair a few weeks ago,Pete Docherty came in!!You know,he was in the Libertines and Baby shambles, or better known as the boyfriend of Kate Moss!He bought a guitar from one of my friends.I've now got a photo of him on my phone, he's quite sweet really!

  5. I am very untidy and a bit of a hoarder!(I tell my husband it's because I'm creative)When I decide to make something, say ,I'm looking for ribbon, I'll get out the whole box and forget to put it back! I have to try really hard to be tidy and if anyone messes things up when I have tidied , I get a BIT CROSS!

  6. I'm quite particular about cups I drink from, not because of germs or anything, but I can't drink tea or coffee from plastic beakers(when camping for instance)At home I like my tea in a china cup and I've got about 3 different cups I like to have my coffee in, ones floral, ones cream with red hearts and there's a rustic grey earthenware one I use this one more in the Autumn! Gulp..Just read this comment back and I sound like an absolute Nutter!!

  7. I love stew and dumplings, a real comfort food, especially in cold weather.My mum makes a lovely stew, ooh..I'm making myself hungry now!

  8. And finally phew..I would love to have thicker hair, mines fine and a little gust of wind makes it blow all over the place!I hate it when my fringe blows back from my face it makes me look like my dad and he's bald!Now that wasn't so bad,now I've got to find 8 people to tag!!

Friday, 13 July 2007

Corners of my Home

Thought I'd show you some little snippets of my dining room, as you've probably noticed from my blog, my favourite colour is RED! Red makes me feel really happy, when I was a child I always chose the red ice lolly, sweetie, lollipop etc.It's a colour that looks good all year round, especially at Christmas(my favourite time of year!) Anyway my dining room is decorated in red and cream, here are some piccies!The lamp on the chest of drawers was given to me by my parents,I remember it from my childhood in the seventies.I still love it to bits now, it doesn't give out much light,but it casts a lovely rosy glow in the room!The cocktail glasses were a birthday gift from one of my friends.The heart cushions on the bench, were made by me last year.I keep lots of little things on my shelf, a sweet little teddy the kids gave me for Mothers day, a photo of my mum and dad, a beautiful card that my daughter handmade for me and a cake plate, I love to serve little cupcakes on this.As I say I think RED IS BEST , what's your favourite colour and why?

Monday, 9 July 2007

Time flies.

Ican't believe it's Monday already! Isn't it lovely to have some sunshine at last!Hubby was away working so it was just me and the kids,I say kids but the eldest is now 18,I can't believe it! If you have young children, make the most of them and give them loads of cuddles and kisses, cos they grow up before you know it!Anyway I shall refer to my daughter as BID(Beautiful Intelligent Daughter) and I shall refer to my 12 year old son as CIS (Caring Intelligent Son) Blimey, he's behind me, wanting to choose his own name and we've just gone through, Little Devil, Gadget Boy, Techno Kid , Computer Kid This has gone on for 10 mins and I'm losing the will to live...He has now decided HE wants to be known as intelligent as well as his sister so we're back to my choice of CIS.He said I should be known as SST(Super Slow Typer!) Cheeky little bugger! I suggest he may have homework that he should be getting on with!I think I'm getting quicker on the old typing front, about 6 words a minute! CIS suggests I would be quicker if I use two hands on the keyboard!"How would I drink my tea then !"I reply,Honestly!Anyway this is what I've been making this week, knitted hand bags with corsages attached.I've knitted them with 3 strands of double knit so it grows quite quickly.I've made 2 for my stall in Oxford and I'll be putting 1 onto my website.I love bags do you? I have a drawer under my bed just full of them!I went to the car boot sale on Sunday,there were loads of stalls and I bought lots of pretty things.Glass jars for my ribbons and buttons in my craft room and some Silverscene collectibles (again for my stall at Oxford)I also bought these childrens hooks ,they were such a bargain!Now I need to pack my goodies ready for Thursday!


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