Thursday, 1 April 2010

I've been tagged by the lovely Sophie and I've been given this Award

That's so sweet of you Sophie, thank you so much!

Anyway I have to tell you 7 things about myself so here goes!

  1. I hate the adverts for Maltesers! The one where the lady is horrible to her husband.I know' it's only an advert but it irritates me!A lot!

  2. I am very untidy(I say creative) In fact hubby teases me that I only take macro shots for my blog and that my blogging chums will never see a wide angle view!

  3. I used to live in a caravan until I was 4. My dad had blown the deposit for the house on a van! I loved it as it was in the country, it was a large mobile home. My mum wasn't so keen and couldn't wait to buy a house!

  4. I can make myself burp! What an amazing skill I hear you say, that must be so useful! But I can't curl my tongue!

  5. I shall be getting a dog this month! I really really want a dog.I never thought I would but I've really wanted one for a WHOLE year but it took me ages to persuade Hubby!I thought I was more of a cat person.We had our lovely cat Peanut for 20 years but he sadly died just over a year ago!

  6. I'm taking part in Dottie Angel's Challenge of The Utmost kind and I've just gotten past the first 4 months.It's not been too bad so far. But now we have a change in season I'm going to find it much more difficult!I need Spring clothes. I can see I may have to resort to making skirts from old sheets soon!The Challenge has definitely made me become more creative though!
  7. I like to 'make' something everyday, stitched, knitted or even baked a cake. Makes me think I've achieved something!

So there are my 7 things now I would to pass this award to the following beautiful bloggers . They make me smile!

A Thrifty Mrs



Sarah-Jane Down The Lane

The Hen House

Stitchery Pokery

Bunny Mummy

Have a lovely day!

Rachel x


bellaboo said...

Thankyou so much for passing your award on to me,that is very sweet of you.I feel very honoured to be chosen.
I hope you have a wonderful fun filled Easter!

Bellaboo ;0)

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Thank you for passing on to me. How sweet of you.
Great to know more about you. I can do the burp thing too, charming isn't it? ;-)

Have a fab Easter.

bad penny said...

ooh thank you ! We have a lot in commen - some tv ads REALLY irritate me - but not the Malteesers one ( I actually did the - that's not naughty this is & flashed my bra at a night out - hubby was mortified ! )
I lived in a caravan ages five for eighteen months when the people would not move out of the house we'd bought !!! It was a fabulous time for we kids.
I can make myself burp.!
Now I have to think of seven more !

Emma said...

Hello, I Just found your blog.
I fancy having a go at the utmost challenge it sounds interesting.
Have a Happy Easter...x

Blondie's Journal said...


You have some interesting traits!! I love that you are getting a dog, I have always been a dog lover. Good luck! And I also love that you make something everyday, that is something I should aim for!!

Hope you are having a lovely week!


Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahh lovely to learn more about you.
Unfortunately I can't do the burp thing but can curl my tongue!
Have a lovely Easter

koralee said...

Oh I love the cute things about you!!! Good luck with your new dog you are getting...what fun it will be. Hugs for a Blessed Easter Weekend my friend. xoxo

Emma said...

Lovely to see your joining in with the swap, Have a fab Easter..x

andrea creates said...

I used to be a cat person 'til we got our dog a few years ago.Now I'm both :)
Have a great weekend .

urban craft said...

congrats, great links~

Louise said...

I had a large Maltesers egg from my MIL for Easter, and it was rather good. Most of the time I only take macro shots too! x

Jacquie said...

Thankyou Rachel ,My first award !!!
Your comment about macro shots really made me smile:0)I'm pretty untidy too ! I have a fridge magnet that says " my house was tidy last week ,sorry,you missed it ! "


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