Monday, 29 June 2009

Latest news

First the giveaway,And the winner is.... Michela from Venice in Italy! Well done Michela! She's quite new to blogging Take a look at her beautiful garden!

I've been in the garden this evening picking blackcurrants before the birds eat them.

I don't usually hack off the branches, but the bush is becoming way too big.It was planted by the previous owners of the house, right next to the built in BBQ, so it also means we can't have Barbies in the garden until the fruit has ripened! Do you think it would be possible to dig up the bush and move it?
For the past 2 evenings I have been picking the fruit and flash freezing it, ready for topping Pavlova's and cheesecakes!
Hubby makes the most gorgeous baked cheesecakes! Here's the evidence!

I have been making lots of hearts for my stall and my little blogshop which I have updated this week.Today I have added hand knitted brooches.I love making these in lots of different yarns and colours.

Enjoy the sun everyone, but don't forget your suncream

Rachel x

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Shabby chic loot

I've had such a busy time, I never got around to showing you my loot from the boot!I love all of these items, but they're all destined for my stall!

If these don't sell I'll keep them, but they are so pretty I think they'll go.

These tiny buckets are so cute
A gorgeous Hanley jug.

Whoops! Those are my legs in the mirror of the medicine cabinet! My daughter came with me to the boot today,I didn't think she'd manage to get up at 5.40,but she did! She drank her cup of tea in the car! She moves into rented accommodation in September, so she bought 2 pretty vintage plates for the kitchen.

I'm feeling really tired today as I had a stall at Burford which is an early start.I had a night out with hubby last night too! After getting up at 5.40 for the boot today I'm a bit tired. No time for a nap though as I've got a date with a huge pile of ironing!

Pictures from Burford

Some of my jewellery, mainly vintage.
Need to make some brooches as I haven't got many left!

Oh forgot to tell you, whilst at Burford yesterday, a chap in his 40's with his friend jokingly commented about my stuff 'Oh those were the days, when women knew their place, in the kitchen cooking, I prefer those days, to which I smiled and said' I bet you do', he then joked 'Aha,it always provokes a comment' and he laughed.He then said, 'do you recognise me, I was in Bros? No I said, they were blonde twins and another bloke! 'Yes' he said,' I'm the other one , Craig Logan,' I didn't believe him at first, I said You're too tall! The other too were really tall too, he answered.'I've got your CD at home, I'll check later I joked, anyway, I've looked him up on YouTube and it really is him, he's in music management now.I would never have recognised him if he hadn't said though, I'd only recognise the other two Do you remember him now? He's the one with the dark hair!

Now, the giveaway, I never did get around to showing you the giveaway gifts.The winner will receive one of my handmade pincushions and a hand knitted brooch! I shall make the draw tomorrow so there is still time to enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post or the last post and you're in the draw, Simples! Don't be shy!

I'm off into the garden to do some planting,enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
Rachel x

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Nearly missed it Again!

Oh my word, last year my Blogiversary slipped by without me even noticing, but not this time!Can't believe it's been 2 years, I've met some lovely people too! Thank you to all that read my little blog and who leave comments, I love to read them and reply!

So lets have a giveaway! I have been knitting lots of cream mohair brooches so one of these will be the giveaway gift + one of my pinwheel pincushions, so if you're interested and leave a comment I shall enter you into the draw, overseas ladies very welcome too!

I have been working on the garden this week, and believe me it needs some work!

We haven't got much colour going on at the moment, apart from these

And these, but see the dead plant in the background? The trouble is time,Not enough of it! I think what I need are some low maintenance, pretty shrubs

The fence needs painting too but we are hoping to replace it this year.

We also need to work on this bit by the Conifer, there used to be a bush in front of it but it became huge, now what to do with the space!

This is last years photo of my pretty clematis.

Whoops! Wrong way up,What happened!If anyone has any ideas, or knows of any low maintenance shrubs please let me know! The plants I have already are, Lilac,Honeysuckle, Forsythia, Pyracantha, ornamental Cherry, Lavender, I do have a few others but I'm not sure of the names!

A favourite spot!

I'm off to the gym shortly with my friend Karen, don't forget the giveaway, I shall take a photo of the giveaway mohair brooch tomorrow!I shall also show you my loot from the boot!

Rachel x

Sunday, 7 June 2009

A general chit chat really...

Found this pretty sewing basket for myself at my favourite Sunday shop ( the boot) a few weeks ago.Love the pretty floral design and I didn't notice properly until I got home it was choc full of lovely stuff, threads, pins, bobbins, zips and it was only £2 .Bargain!

A close up of the pretty fabric.

Another car boot find, pretty Sadlers tea pot,this will be going on my stall on Thursday.

Lovely Enid Blyton books, these will be going in my this evening

This beautifully illustrated Susan Branch book will also be going into the shop.

Knitted some brooches this week in pink and green, although I need to buy some brooch backs as I've run out.

Also had a go at making button jewellery this week, I loved it, sitting in the sun stringing buttons together, so relaxing! I made some bracelets in green and blue too!

Now onto another subject, recently I took part in a PIF exchange with and look what she very kindly sent me!

Isn't it just the sweetest little brooch you've ever seen! I love it, such a pretty colour too!

Thank you so much Rachel! I shall tell you about the rules of the PIF during the week.

Remember I was going to ask you lovely ladies for gardening advice, well I haven't forgotten, I've just got to take photos of the garden to show you what I'm dealing with! TTFN

Rachel x

Friday, 5 June 2009

If you love camper vans....

Have a look at this amazing website
They have oilcloth book bags for just £4! With camper vans on! Lots of beach hut designs too! It's all very retro.Get yourself over there!
Free postage if you spend over £10 too!
See how I think of my blogger chums, slaving at the computer when I should be ironing or cleaning the toilet! Thats how much I love ya!
Rachel X

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Brighton exhibition

Phew, she says wiping brow, it's been a busy few days, I made lots of stock for my stall and sold lots today such beautiful weather too which always makes a difference.I was so inspired and refreshed by the Vintage and handmade fair it got me in a creative mood!

Last week we went off to Brighton , to visit my daughter's exhibition.She organised the exhibition for the 1st year students on the critical fine art course.My daughter's the one on the left with the gorgeous red hair, in party gear!

Here she is at her school prom with one of her good friends nearly 4 years ago, gosh time flies!

Anyway now she's at Brighton uni and loving it!.The exhibition was inspired by the credit crunch, it was called 99p and the students had to produce an art piece that only cost up to 99p for their materials, they had to be very inventive!I loved these pictures that one of the girl's painted of her dad, onto newspaper.

The piece underneath was created by a girl who works in a chip shop at weekends.The same little old lady goes into the chippy all the time to buy her tea, so the girl has drawn images of the lady hundreds of times on the back of old receipts from the shop!

This was my daughters piece entitled Fabrication.She spent weeks on this piece, collecting the fabric, coming home to raid my stash of fabrics, she used an old sheet for the letters, felt would've been ideal but cost more than 99p, she spent the money on thread! She had to do turned applique too as Bondaweb cost more than 99p. the letters go from junk at the top to Gold at the bottom!

Her fellow students were very appreciative of all her hard work and bought her stunning bouquet and a bottle of champagne! How lovely!What do you think of the vase? She wasn't being arty, she just didn't have a vase!

It was my daughters birthday recently too, so I made her a Nigella chocolate and Guinness cake, such an easy recipe that I got from this lovely lady

It was delicious!

Remember the other day I mentioned asking about gardening advice,nwell I shall be back tomorrow to show you pitures of it, it could do with a little work, actually a lot of work!

Rachel x

Monday, 1 June 2009

I just love parcels

Thank you , thank you, thank you to the lovely Kerry at Kerry was my partner for the Rose swap organised by the lovely Melanie at A Country Dream

Well the parcel has arrived and is choc full of very pretty things.
a very pretty cushion with beautiful cross stitch roses, a gorgeous rose bud heart, I shall hang this in my bedroom, a sweet smelling Yankee candle also destined for my bedroom and a beautiful bath bomb. The scent from the parcel was amazing! Also a very carefully hand painted candle jar, I shall hang this in the garden when we have a barbecue, there's nothing like twinkly lights! Love the rose card too!

Here's a close up of the beautiful cushion.I'm so lucky to have received these gorgeous gifts, your gifts are so thoughtful Kerry!

Thank you so much for organising the swap Melanie, such a lovely idea.

I shall be back tomorrow to tell you about my recent trip to Brighton and to ask you lovely ladies for some gardening advice!

Rachel x


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