Monday, 4 January 2010

Pocketful of Dreams...

and ideas! Yes I'm marching into the New Year with lots of plans and new ideas!I shall just share a few with you today, I'm so excited I may pop!!

First a little recap on last year

Last year was a strange one, we had health worries(Hubby) he had lots of tests as suddenly he lost a little section of eyesight in one eye. The hospital were concerned he may be about to have a Stroke or heart attack, it was all a VERY worrying few months.Lots of tests were done, his heart brain and blood and luckily he's a perfectly healthy specimen! The eye thing is 'just one of those things' apparently.Later in the year there were worries about Hubbys company closing! After the health worries I refused to get bogged down by this and just carried on and rearranged our budgeting in case!Health is definitely the most important thing, something we take for granted until it goes wrong!

I decided to take pleasure in making little savings, not see it as a problem We switched where we shopped and I took the time to make more 'homemade meals'.I also decided to buy most of our meat from the butchers instead of the supermarket as you get more for your money!

Anyway I'm rambling a bit now!

I've decided to make changes in my life this year.For me, January will be all about organisation.Every year since I've started my little business, I start to panic at this point as I haven't completed my tax return! So I shall be sorting out my paperwork and organising my craft space to become more efficient!I shall also be reorganising my kitchen, bedroom, dining room, in fact I will be organising the whole house!

Later in the week I shall be back to chat about the lovely Dottie Angel 'Challenge of the Utmost Kind' which I joined back in November!

I waste such a lot of time hunting for things I have misplaced!For instance, just found business receipts in the French style tin in my bedroom, I had totally forgotten about these!I also found Christmas gifts that I'd hidden in these boxes on top of my wardrobe!In the top photo I've found my favourite necklace under my wardrobe! How did that get there?Also came across a bottle of Elizabeth Arden Splendour!

I have accumulated too much 'stuff ', so I will be addressing this.

This is my chest of drawers after decluttering!

Usually I would be dreading all this sorting and organising, but this year I am feeling different about it all in my head!

I know I'll feel much happier when I've done it!

I've just finished an early lunch so I'm off to do a bit more now!

Have a wonderful week!

Rachel x

PS. Reading back over this post it all sounds very scatty and all over the place, I'm feeling a bit like that at the mo.Hence the focus on organisation.I hope I make more sense later in the week!

A girl can dream anyway!

Rachel xx


Mummy Boo Bear said...

Hope all goes well in your organising. Good for you for approaching the New Year in this way. For me I always feel rather daunted!lol.

Wishing you a very happy,healthy and productive New Year.


Tabiboo said...

When your done do you fancy doing mine??

I am so disorganised - through children though I might add!!

I start off with all good intentions, but the kids get in and boom everything is a mess again.

Have fun re arranging,

Nina x

jo said...

Hope you manage to acheive all your goals this year.

Jo xx

MelMel said...

Happy NY....hope it brings you joy...xxxx

bellaboo said...

Nothing like a good clear out and a bit of organisation to make you feel better.I'm going to do the!Good luck with yours.


LittleGem said...

SOunds like a good plan to me :) always nice to find things you've 'tucked away'. Those rosey boxes are lovely too. xx

Blueberry Heart said...

Love your dressing table - a new love of mine is glass, jars, bottles, anything pretty really! Hope you have a great 2010, and good luck with the getting organised - I will take a leaf out of your book I think!!

BH x

bad penny said...

pretty things !

I plan a HUGE clean & de clutter - will take ages as I've let it slip.

lovely necklace

Vintage Amethyst said...

*eek* I'm feeling a bit like this at the mo & no we both haven't done our tax return yet either!!!

I really must get organised with somethings soon, just clearing out old clothes & drawers etc but I just face it at the moment ~ feeling sluggish still I think from all that food at Christmas! Lol!

Yes I was fine after my fall thank you, James laughed at me though as at the time I was carrying a savoury tart in a glass dish, leftovers from a family day & I held it perfectly straight and still as I fell, completely intact ~ like a professional waitress James said!!!

Bye for now

Duchess of Tea said...

Interesting blog, I enjoyed browsing through, good job darling.

Love & Hugs


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