Friday, 8 January 2010

'Challenge of the Utmost Kind! '

I'm sure lots of you already know about this lovely lady's amazing blog Here!

Well Tif started her 'challenge of the utmost kind' in September 2009 and I joined on 22nd November! Please click my sidebar for details.

I will not be buying anything for myself or my home that is new for the next year.I will only buy thrifted or handmade!

We are allowed to have a few exceptions and these are mine!

  1. A dog, I have been waiting for a little dog for a long time, this has been my little dream since last year and I will be acquiring a new furry friend in the next few months!

  2. Underwear, obviously I will not be wearing someone else's undies, so if I need to, I will have to buy new.I wouldn't want to be caught in holey greying underwear if I was hit by a bus!

That is it everything else will be thrifted and handmade!.Thanks Tif for creating such an amazing challenge, I'm sure it will be difficult at times but quite exciting too!

I have been sorting my massive wool stash and have been working on these for the last few snowy evenings!
I mixed a slubby blue fine yarn with a green 3 ply.

This green one is knitted with 2 strands of vintage 3 ply, probably from the late 1960's judging by the packaging!I love choosing buttons from my stash for the centre.

I will not be buying any 'new wool' this year.Only what I can thrift.I do have quite a large stash to be going on with though.Some of it from unfinished projects in the 1980's.

Have a wonderful weekend!Keep safe cozy and warm!Do not slip over on the ice and land on your eye like my son did yesterday!Yes he has another shiner, the second in 6 weeks!

Rachel x


bellaboo said...

Oh how exciting to be getting a dog!
Will you get a rescue...or a puppy? Can't wait to meet him/her.Sorry your poor boy fell over.Hope you gave him a special treat to make up for it!


bellaboo said...

...sorry,meant to say...good luck with your challenge!


bad penny said...

good luck with the challenge & finding a dog - how exciting !!! can't wait to see the pictures xx

Floss said...

Great to have you in the Challenge! We have been doing a good bit of swapping, so if you need a particular type of wool, you could let the fellow challengees know and you never know what could head your way in the post! I was sent a guitar tuner shortly after starting the challenge, so anything can happen - it's really fun.

Surely a dog does not count as cheating - living beings not included in the challenge, just like underwear!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohh this challenge sounds exciting & hard but rewarding too, good luck.
Oooooh and a new little doggy too, lovely.
Thank you so much for you kind message about James' new book, you are so lovely.
lots of love

Floss said...

Hello again, and thanks for adding me to your bloglist, too. In my list you'll find some good friends I've made through the Challenge - I heard about the idea from Pomona (Little Cottage Comforts) and Denise (A Bun Can Dance) and then Serenata (The Balancing Kiwi) joined in - they are all UK bloggers. Then I met Lola Nova in the USA and Luisa (Dance in my Garden) and Jenny (Little Jenny Wren) both from Tasmania, and then Sarah (Red Gingham) from New Zealand took up the gauntlet. So I have quite a cosmopolitan bunch of friendships made or strengthened through the Challenge!

Serenata said...

I can echo all Floss has said, it has been a great way to make new friendships as well as think of the way the Challenge applies to us. It is actually quite liberating!

How lovely you are getting a dog. There was an excellent programme on Horizon about dogs and their relationship to humans. It is still available on iplayer.

bad penny said...

thx for your comment xx

dottydotty said...

they are so cool lovley idea nit sure how i would manage though:)

bad penny said...

You've been Tagged over at mine !!

MarmaladeRose said...

Thanks for the encouragement you left. It's all very welcome.

Good luck with Dotties challenge, I'm interested to see how you get on.

Pomona said...

I second Floss - it is a great challenge, and I have discovered so many other bloggers this way. I love your brooches - a great way to use up scraps of yarn!

Pomona x

ted and agnes said...

hello fellow challenge buddy..I'm really excited about the year ahead & finding out about everyones utmost ur blog btw rx

Anonymous said...
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