Thursday, 14 January 2010

Pretty Knits, Nigella cookies and a tag!

Hello lovely ladies,
hope you enjoyed the bit of Glamour yesterday!
As promised, I bring you Pretty Knits.Well this is just full of GORGEOUSNESS!!

A book full of 30 specially commissioned patterns by international designers.The author is Susan Cropper of Loop! Well that's why the book is so delicious then!

The book contains a beautiful collection of 'stylish fashion pieces, glamorous accessories and chic home furnishings'.
I just love this pretty dainty top.

This cushion would look lovely on my bed

I absolutely love the throw.I'd love to make this, even if it did take me ages to knit it!My bedroom is lilac too! it would fit in beautifully!I just love the flowery detail!
I'd definitely recommend buying this book!

Oh yes I have spent too many hours drooling over this book and eating too many of these!

I baked these yesterday , from Nigella's Christmas cookbook.Cranberry and White Chocolate cookies They are very tasty, I bought the ingredients at Christmas but never got around to making them!

I try not to buy biscuits as I REALLY like them, in fact we all do, a biscuit tin would be fatal in our hands!

And finally ,the lovely Penny from The Henhouse tagged me to show my favourite photo!It was so hard to choose! This is one of them!

My children at sunset, on a beach in Barbados in 2008 .This was our last family holiday with us all together...My son had just come out of the sea and my daughter had been doing artwork on the beach.

We all loved that holiday so much as we'd gone with lovely family friends too!Each day was full of fun and happiness

We did return to Barbados the following year but our daughter was at uni then, sighs....time seems to speed up when you get to the teenage years!

Managed to go and do a big food shop today so feeling much better about the snow.I was gettin a bit fed up of trekking into town in the snow, it was the dentist on Monday, giving blood Tuesday, my muscles are so achey from trying to stay upright on the ice whist carrying heavy shopping bags home!I was pleased we went in the car today although I'm glad hubby drove!


Rachel x


LissyLou said...

Cranberry and white choc cookies!! yummy!!

lou said...

I’m on a diet and that has not helped seeing those gorgeous cookies! And as for the throw I’m in love with it.

I can see why you like the picture so much, it’s lovely.
I wish I could knit better…love Lou xxx

bellaboo said...

The throw with the flowers.What can I's goooorgoeous!!Having biscuits in the house...well we just munch our way through a packet in two mins and home made ones are even more irresistable aren't they?As for damage to my blanket,I can't crochet myself,so will have to find someone to repair it.Bella's forgiven now!


Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh my those cookies look yum-tastic!
I'm afraid I'm on a strict diet now after Christmas & New Year!!!
We never by biscuits too as they either get eaten very quickly or get left for months as I'm on a diet!!! Lol!

bad penny said...

lots of goodies here to tempt us !

The photo is stunning. I know what you mean as they start to spend less time with the family - at least it's a slow process - well it is here anyway but we haven't had a holiday without one of them yet ! xx

Kate said...

Such a lot of deliciousness in this post, it's difficult knowing which to choose. But I think it has to be the cushion. Plus the lovely photo of your children, of course!

Sarah said...

Oh i have the Nigella christmas book the cookies look so yummy, i feel a bake coming on!

Felicity said...

i love that blanket, its sooooo pretty, also i can see why thats your fave photo its lovely. fliss xx

bellaboo said...

Me again!I have an award for you at bellascountry.

Bellaboo x

Floss said...

Yummy biscuits and knitting! I've just done a post with final questions for the Magazine Swappers. Could you pop over and let me know what you think, please?

ginny said...

a stunning photo of your children x

Floss said...

Hi again - your email got through fine, but it's done a weird thing to your email address (each time), and my computer tells me that this can't be a real email address. Do you have any idea what's going on? Sorry to bother you.

Carole said...

Hello Rubyred !
I am Carole, your swap partner for the magazines ! Could you get in touch with me please, I couldn't find an internet address where to write. There is one in my profile, I can't wait to chat a little and talk about what you like and would like to receive !
See you !

Carole said...

Oh my, I just finished reading your WHOLE blog and I'm blown away ! Congratulations on... on... everything ! I am really glad that Floss teamed us up. I shall definitely add your blog to my list of favourites.

Anonymous said...

the flowery blanket is gorgeous. great recommendation on the book.


Michela said...

Hi Rachel!
Thank you for letting me know that your parcel arrived! Glad you like it! xxx


Bonjour maman. FINALLY got round to making a blog, early days but go see! Thanks for the inspiration xxx


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