Wednesday, 13 January 2010

In need of a bit of Glamour?

a bit of luxury?

I am , after days of donning wellies, waterproof jacket, thermals, unflattering hats( hats just don't suit me)I could do with a bit of glamour in my life!

I took myself off to the library,(after the dentist) in the snow!(Remember I'm not buying magazines or books for a whole year due to 'the challenge', so the library is my new best friend) Look at what I came across!

Glamour at Home by Erika Knight

Just what I needed

Want a little peek inside?

Aren't they just gorgeous!
This tea cozy is knitted from strips of Tulle!VERY GLAMOUROUS ! Not sure how practical it would be though!

Throughout this snowy spell I have been working on a bit of glamour of my own!

Hand knitted brooches in luxury yarns.The light pink ones are knitted with Sublime angora merino.With a mother of pearl button in the centre.

So beautifully soft, you just want to brush it against your cheek, or is that just me?

The deeper pink one is knitted with Sublime kid mohair, also beautifully soft!Anyway I have knitted some to go into my Tinyshop

Feel free to pop over and take a peek!

Now they may be luxury yarns but not luxury prices! Priced at only £5.50 each with free p+p, they won't break the bank!

I also borrowed Pretty Knits from the library, I'll show you that one tomorrow, we can't have the Glamour all in one day can we!

Rachel x


Country Cottage Chic said...

Thanks for your encouragements about Etsy!
I could do with a bit of glamour too after weeks wearing 4 layers to go out in the snow to tend to the pony & chickens - two pairs of socks & two pairs of gloves too. I'm consoling myself by making some banana muffins!


Serenata said...

Glamour, just what we all need a bit of I think.

I love your brooches :-)

charl said...

well my feet are slowly but surely turning into wellie shaped so im in dire need of glamour i can tell ya!!.. im in love with the tulle tcosy.. its gorgeous
thanks for that!!

Tabiboo said...

mmmmmmmmm, glamour or is that 'Glamour!!' - I have a vague memory many years ago!

Blondie's Journal said...

I applaud you for giving up the magazines. I get hoards of them in the mail because I was able to get very low prices for subscriptions. Problem is, I haven't the time to read all of them!!

I love your brooches, so pretty! You are quite talented!!


jo said...

Love that tea cosy!

I'm getting a little fed up wearing the same old wooly jumpers and thermals! Roll on Spring.

Kate said...

I'm all for some much needed glamour and who cares about practicalities, quite frankly!

Lovely brooches, great colours.


bad penny said...

decidedly unglamerous here - boots waterproof coat scarf & horrid hat ( how DO some people still look glamerous in the cold ? )

mind you a little squirt of the pefrume my daughter gave me for Christmas makes me smile. I never wear perfume - and now wear it with pleasure & glamour in me wellies !

That book looks scrumptious !

A Thrifty Mrs said...

I love your plan to not buy magazines for a year. I really need to do similar but I have to buy some for work. Good luck with it!

That Glamour book looks fantastic and the brooches are very pretty.

LissyLou said...

oo those pics are very inspiring x


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