Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Enjoying the Snow!!

Today we awoke to a Winter Wonderland! It started yesterday afternoon and became much deeper today!
The schools were closed and Hubby had to work from home!

My son went out with his friends, after me keep reminding him to wear his long johns,warm socks, gloves, waterproof trousers,wellies!

Hubby and I ventured out later for a 10 minute walk to the garage for milk and bread.

I made him promise NOT to snowball me, but I knew he would! I got him back though! I couldn't stop laughing as I CAUGHT HIM IN THE FACE WITH A BIG SOFT SNOWBALL!It looked like he had a snowy patch over one eye!

Everything in the garden was wearing a little snowy hat!

Even my little summerhouse!

Then we made a snowman

I made some soup to keep us warm!

This evening we watched a film and I made hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows! Very naughty!! But very nice!!

Ours didn't have quite so many marshmallows as this picture!
Hope you're enjoying the snow too!
keep cozy and warm!
Rachel x


bellaboo said...

What a cheerful looking snowman!
Love your snowy pics.Sounds like you all had a great time!


Tabiboo said...

Fabulous pictures and well done with the snowball!!

Have a lovely hot chocolate and marshmellowy evening,

Nina xxxxxx

Fell Tops said...

The soup and hot chocolate look perfect!

Vanessa x

A Country Girl said...

What is it with men and snow? They just can't resist throwing it around! Big kids!

bad penny said...

we are !!! loving it - soup & hot choc look good - I did a big hearty casserole.... I'm just wondering will the kidz be off school FOREVER ? ! xx

bad penny said...

AAh well we ended up in Spain because hubby was then a yacht skipper and had worked out of the big Marinas some years before - it was a place where we could live ashore but he would still skipper boats ( it was Majorca but Spain sounds more exotic ! )

I needed medical treatment which they couldn't offer me there so we made the decisionn to return to the Uk.

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