Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The In Between time

I always find this time a little bit strange, in between Christmas and New Year.I absolutely love Christmas, not so fussed about New Year! We have had a wonderful relaxing time, lots of lounging, eating, playing on Singstar!I watched Hamlet with David Tennant, he was brilliant, I mean I watched David on TV, he wasn't with me on the sofa! That was the fisrt Shakespeare play I have ever watched all the way through and I quite enjoyed it! Cabin fever started to set in yesterday though I hadn't been out since Christmas Eve! My sister and her 4 children had come for an overnight stay, a lovely time was had by all but my sister and her 3 girls and myself went on a brisk walk to blow the cobwebs away! It was very cold and refreshing. All the visitors have gone now and its just us, keeping cozy indoors on this cold soggy day!

Bad news, our dishwasher has died, well actually my son accidentally killed it! Somehow he jammed a plate between the rubber seal on the door and water leaked into the electrics and it blew! This was before my sis arrived so we had to keep washing up for 9 people, God I loved my dishwasher!

My daughter has taken her friend to London for some open air ice skating for her friend's Birthday treat.Not sure which rink she has gone to, but they all look wonderful. she'll be going back to Brighton on New Years Eve for a party at her uni house. Just when I get used to having her at home she's off again!

Hope you are enjoying your In Between Time! I look forward to chatting with you all in The New Year!

Rachel x


Michelle said...

oooh just found your blog - it's sooo adorable. Wishing you a very Happy New Year and I hope to be back soon to visit. Michelle x

VintageVicki said...

I am sure that DT could make the shipping forecast interesting ;) I enjoyed Hamlet too.

The inbetween bit always feels strange - a sort of leftovers and chocolate muddle!

bellaboo said...

My sister's birthday falls between Xmas and New Year,so the family all get together to celebrate that.
It's a bit of a whirl before Xmas isn't it and then nothing much happens until the New Year celebrations.Actually I'd quite like to hibernate now until about March!


Robin Hill Quilts said...

I too feel like I am marching in place between christmas and new Years...you have been the first to really describe that"in between time" I love your blog and will visit often as I am a follower~Have a wonderful New Year!
Come by and visit me in New England~

Tabiboo said...

...and to you too. That's a sod about the dishwasher - I think I would be lost!!

Enjoy the rest of your holidays,

Nina x

Tabiboo said...

ps. it was rocky road - they were eaten rather quickly!! N xox

HoldMyHand said...

Hi, thanks for the comments, I know what you mean, I'm sure last year I made a promise to start any crafting EARLIER, but as always the clocks seem to run faster in December!!
Glad you had a lovely Christmas, here's to a good 2010!
Anna x

koralee said...

Wishing you a wonderful 2010...thank you for your lovely comments you leave on my blog. I so dislike doing dishes by hand...how spoiled are we all!

bad penny said...

Inbetween time a bit odd with a Wedding anniversary squashed in - we don't normally do much but did go out to dinner this year.

Just a very few friends in tonight for silly games.

Happy New Year & see you here in Blogland in the next xx

Vintage Amethyst said...

The inbetween time is odd isn't it, thank goodness it is all nearly over & normality will soon be with us! lol!
*Happy New Year*
Wishing you all the best for the new year.

The Vintage Kitten said...

Happy New Year! Lots of Love TVK x
P.S Shame about the dishwasher. I havnt got one. I had 27 people to cook for over Xmas...... I washed alot of dishes!!!! LOL! X

lou said...

Happy New Year my lovely!!!

Love Lou xxx

bad penny said...

thx for comments - do you visit your daughter in Brighton ? It's a fab place - I grew up & went to college near then worked there in my twenties.

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