Friday, 18 January 2008


Well I've made a decision to be organised this year, oh yes it's gonna be a new me( hubby sniggering in back ground).Well, he has heard it so many times before ,but I REALLY mean it this time!My cunning plan is to have before and after photo's on my blog and this will shame me into getting my act together.I have stashes of stuff everywhere fabrics, yarns,card making supplies, all waiting to be made into lovely items but at the moment it takes me to long to find all the pieces I need for each project.So it starts here today.This is going to be a new me, oh yes!

I've started with the loft, we found an old wasps nest that has been up there since the summer!Anyway here is the Before picture

I know, it's very bad, but by next Friday you won't believe the difference.Gulp!

I've been in the pink this week, making lots of new things for my website.I have made 4 of these

and a few of these from an Ikea fleece throw.I have also enjoyed catching up on all your lovely blogs after Christmas.Spose I'd better start on the loft then,Ta Ta for now X X


Vanessa said...

I'm intrigued as to how you can tidy up a loft, is'nt that the room that's suppose to be a mess!

Love the hearts

mollycupcakes said...

Good luck with the sorting, once it's done it's done and you can work on it from there on.
Fresh start to the new year, you go girl lol
Love the ikea heart. Gonna go look on your website now for one x
Catherine x

Tracy said...

HI, Happy New Year! Glad you're back. Good luck with the tidy up. Love those hearts--very sweet. Happy week ((HUGS))

Ragged Roses said...

Good luck with all of that. Before and after photos are great motivators, I'm finding everything a bit daunting at the moment, I think the weather has sucked all the motivation from me!

shabby chic said...

hello , yes In have been on a sorting drive too!. Its that time of year & i think we all try and do thhe ultimate sort out to end all sort outs!. I cant remember if I left a comment about your summer house before or not. It looks lovely & I have a summerhouse too similiar to yours. That is at the top of my list as its got scooters, bikes, spiders , door hanging off now. Also we bought some steamer chairs for it last year , but to be honest they are so big and heavy to move . I will take them out. Its just been used as a shed at the moment, by children!. Love the little bunnies x


I love Vanessa's comment, mine is a mess too, and I have sworn to get it straight, and the sooner the better. x


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