Tuesday, 18 December 2007

Catching up

Hooray!I'm slowly catching up at last.The decorations are up, lots of presents are wrapped and cards written, but not yet delivered.Saturday will be mainly spent baking lots of goodies.Can't wait for Christmas day now!

This afternoon I popped into Witney to buy some last minute prezzies, but mainly because I needed to have some passport photos taken,what a palaver!Firstly, I have not got a technical brain, my mind just turns into mulch when faced with instructions on machines.You have to choose what type of photos you want then press the button, then put the right money in, but not in a slot, in a metal bit that sticks out, then you have to push this forward, one coin at a time, unfortunately the machine didn't like my last £1 coin and kept spitting it out while I fumbled in my purse in a panic in case my time ran out.

Then the machine started to talk to me and totally confused me, as I was trying to read the instructions on the screen at the time.

You aren't allowed to have a fringe on your forehead also you are meant to have your ears on show, I kid you not!Well at the last second my hair fell forward and covered my ears and I stared madly at the screen, eyes wide( the flash usually makes me blink).I know, you're probably thinking this woman sounds like a loon. I'm in a fit of giggles as I write this, as I'm such an idiot about such supposedly simple things .

I thought I'd have 3 more attempt to get it right,well that's what happened last time I had my passport picture done, 10 years ago, but no, I pressed the button to say ok after the first one and that was it.It started to print 4 photos of the same image out, I look stunned on the photo,well I was, very, but I couldn't be bothered to pay another £4, it will have to do for the next 10 years!

Now I know how old people feel with all this new fangled machinery!Blogger's also giving me grief and won't let me upload any photos tonight!

Back to making the handmade presents now and I've just ate a gorgeous mince pie that my daughter and her boyfriend made, they're lovely and buttery with orange zest in the pastry, yum!Wishing you all Good Luck with your Christmas prep!Don't get too stressed.


Ragged Roses said...

You seem to be much more organised than me for Christmas, I am woefully behind! Photo booths are a nightmare, I've given up and go to a camera shop to have my photos taken, it costs a bit extra but at least the photographer can tell me clearly what's happening! Take care

Wild Rose said...

I had to smile at the ears sticking out ~ who comes up with these rules? It's a new one on me and I'm almost certain that my ears weren't sticking out on my last passport photo!

You're braver than I am ~ I'm with Kim on this one and would rather use a photographer ~ at least you can ask him to take it again.

Marie x


Hi Rubyred, I have had today off work to catch up on Xmas preparations too, I am doing quite well so far, glad you are. I have had a mince pie with yet another cuppa this morning, and another box is busily defrosting! I am pleased you spotted your lovely gingerbread men, after Xmas I hope to find a little trio of hooks to hang them up in the kitchen? Don't worry about your passport photo, every one of us looks like a convict in ours, and how I hate having to renew mine, not the cost, but by having to compare the old photo with the new, so many more wrinkles and grey hairs! x

Tracy said...

Such fun reading your post! Photos...not an easy thing--LOL! Happy days making ready for Christmas ((HUGS))

mollycupcakes said...

lol I was in fits of giggles to reading all about the photo booth.
They are just a real pain now, I remember then you had three goes at it too hehe! it made life alot easier.
Hope it was ok, they are so funny about it all now and send them back for the smallest of things argh!
Have a lovely Christmas honey x
Catherine x


Hope you're catching up with your Christmas preparations, where do all these jobs come from? Just to wish you a great Christmas and a Happy New Year, when you can relax and enjoy it! Louise x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh goodness me, what will they think of next, needing ears on show!!!!
Anyhoo, I just wanted to wish you a very *Merry Christmas* hope you have a wonderful time.
lots of love
Alison x

Jackie M said...

Those photo booths are so tricky aren't they. The last lot I had done were sent back for being too pale!? Lucky people getting your hand made presents, I'm sure they'll be thrilled. Just wanted to say your gingerbread men and red gingham heart look fabulous on my Christmas tree, thank you for them. A very Happy Christmas to you and your family. Jackie Mx

Sandra Evertson said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Sandra Evertson

Mary said...

happy new year


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