Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Knitted Bunnies

Hi all

This week I have been mainly knitting and making lots of these(from the stash of yarn in my loft) see I am working on sorting it. I knitted them as I watched a beautiful film called The Notebook.My daughter hired it from Blockbusters and we all watched it last night, I got a headache from trying not to cry(this always happened when I was a little girl too!) Anyway I highly recommend it.Must give these little chaps some faces now!

Sorry, I forgot to iron the tea towel background!


Miles Away In France said...

Wow, these bunnies are so cute.
Racheal x

Wild Rose said...

I imagine that they are blind because they are newborn...?

I've heard about The Notebook on a few blogs ~ I will have to rent it and find out why everyone loves it!

Marie x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aahh what cute bunnies!
I haven't seen The Notebook so I will definately have to hunt it out!
Alison x

Miles Away In France said...

Hi, you asked about my granny squares, well er um er well to be honest I haven't really done much at all ;0)

Cowboys & Custard said...

Your little bunnies are so sweet.. very cuddly!
I have seen the Notebook and managed to sob through most of it.. I then persuaded my beloved to watch it and he did the same!
Great film..!!!!



Regina said...

Your bunnys are so sweet....I love it

Have a vice evening


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