Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Back again!

I know 2 posts in one day ,what's going on ?Well Blogger wouldn't save my post earlier so I just published a little bit.Anyway lots to tell and all that so I'm back.

I have given this little chap a face as he couldn't see where he was going

I am also working on a bunny garland.

At the weekend we went up to Birmingham to celebrate my mums 60th Birthday. All the family met up for a lovely Chinese at lunch time.We then went back to my parents house for Champagne and Birthday cake.Here's the Birthday girl on my sons PSP for the first time.

See you're never too old to learn a new skill.A lovely time was had by all.She'll kill me for showing this photo!

Now let me give you an update on the loft situation remember I was meant to show you an After photo last Friday, well I failed.I have made progress, but it seems it's a much bigger job than I first thought.I also had to fulfill a few orders that came in and just didn't get around to finishing the loft.But I will be finishing it for THIS Friday.Then I've got to start on my spare room which isn't very spare at all but is an overflow for the rest of the house!


Monkee Maker said...

Well, your Mum is better than me - I stay well away from my kid's PSP's! Maybe the champagne helped with the co-ordination ;)

I've just mailed my address to the contact page on your website, I hope this is ok.


ps. Isn't that what spare rooms are for then - storing all the crubbish that you don't know what to do with??

Rubyred said...

Oh Monkee maker,you do make me laugh,I love that word,crubbish,Brilliant!

julia said...

That little rabbit garland is sooo cute!
We haven't got a loft in this house, all our junk goes into my "studio" (ha,ha!). Trouble is, we have to have the room cleared and decorated in less than 5 weeks to put the race goers up- yikes!
Julia x

mollycupcakes said...

Happy 60th birthday to your mum.
She looks like she's enjoying the psp lol

Cute bunnies too.


Catherine x

Mary said...

Happy birthday to your mother I am surrounded by stuff now in my sort out Oxfam will benefit tomorrow!

weirdbunny said...

How come your mum knows what to do on the psp ?! I can't get far at all on the childrens consoles ... they drive me nuts !

Rubyred said...

In answer to your question Weirdbunny,it was a very simple game called Luxor,where you have to shoot lots of balls that are rolling along.She only had to operate 2 buttons bless her!Although she has got an MP3 player which she uses,her favourite is James Blunt.

jules said...

why is it when you get one room straight another seems to look just as jumbled, I think theres a spare room in everyone's home whether its really spare or not we use it to store all that stuff that we might just use one day(I think not) when I finally get round to clearing out I look at things and think why on earth have I kept that for so long and what was I thinking of when I brought that. Oh well a clearout makes room for anything else that might take my fancy at the local charity shop or boot fair. It's never ending!! Well done mum on mastering the psp


Katherines Dream said...

Hi Rubyred, I did have a great day in London, missed my stop coming home though!
I love that little bunny, so cute.
I have not visited your blog before so have not had a chance to have a good look, I assume you sell these lovely things?
Well I go and see now for myself.
Thank you for stopping today.

Katherines Dream said...

Me again just had a peep at your wares........nursery bits for the new baby, if it is a girl I would love some of your gorgeous knitted shoes, I love them.
And the teddies and the bunnies!!

Tracy said...

Happy belated greetings to you mum! LOVE that bunny garland--too cute! Happy Days ((HUGS))


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