Monday, 4 February 2008

Cheerful v Cross

I started the day feeling so cheerful.Beautiful blue skies were waiting fo me when I opened the curtains.I had lots to do on my list including popping into town.First I had to get a grumpy teenager off to school.A grumpy teen who hadn't measured out all of his cooking ingredients.After much shouting and stamping of feet(that was me by the way) he finally left and I could get on.

I forgot how busy it is in town on a Monday morning, spent most of the morning in queues, the bank, the post office, the supermarket.I only needed eggs and toilet rolls (see what a glamourous life I lead) I eventually arrived home to find a cheque from the inland revenue which I was very pleased about!Yay, new books and fabric here I come! After lunch I thought I would put some new makes on my website but I'm having great difficulty and I'm developing a headache from clamping my jaw together tightly!I've resized the photos but cant upload the product, arrrgh!Also I can't show you pictures of my tidy loft(tidyish) as the bulb has gone and I can't get the duff one out (will have to wait for hubby)The photos are the ones that should be going on my website .soon.

Hope you all have a great week and accomplish lots.

Rachel x


shabby chic said...

sweet little bunnies they look so diddy!.
Yes town is stressfull I go about once every 3 months and even then sometimes I think why oh why did I. Its just so busy , give me a carboot sale anyday!
My two are not teens yet, got all the fun to come!(daughter thinks she is a teenager now!)

Florence said...

Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

I think a cheque from the Inland Revenue is definitely enough to swing a day firmly into the cheerful direction...possibly the whole week!

Susan Tuttle said...

There are so many beautiful things to look at here on your blog - I thoroughly enjoyed my visit!

Stop by sometime if you get a chance.


nicolafraser said...

Hi Rachel, you crafts are beautiful. I love the bunnies. Gorgeous! I try to avoid going into town at all costs, I used to love it, now I can't bear it! Getting old you see (me that is!)x

Katherines Dream said...

I love your little bunnies.
A chq from the Inland Rev.....always more than welcome I'm sure.

weirdbunny said...

The hexagon cushion is so sweet. Summer colours too ~ Julia x

Ragged Roses said...

A bit of an up and down week for you then! I have the same trouble every morning with a very grumpy teenager, not the best way to start the day is it?! Hope you get to buy those new fabrics and books and are having a better week now

Cowboys & Custard said...

Hello Rachel
What totally adorable bunnies...
I am in complete agreement with towns and stress levels.. I try and avoid town as much as possible and dash in to get the necessaries and then scuttle home. I hardly ever 'shop' these days...

Oh if only the IR would cross my palm... then I WOULD shop.. and some!

Wild Rose said...

Sounds like a frustrating day! I have had problems with my website since day one ~ it is really annoying to spend three hours loading information to have it disappear before my eyes!

I hope that all these irritations have resolved now and that you can enjoy the rest of the week.

Marie x

cd&m said...

Sounds like one of those days but at least you got a tax rebate.

retrorose said...

I start so many days with someone in a twist, and often ME. I love your crafts.

Monkee Maker said...

Hi Rachel,

Thanks so much for my goodies - they're all gorgeous! And that lovely brooch was the exact match for the skirt I was wearing - how fortuitous!

Many thanks, I shall blog about them soon.


ps. I hope this monday morning is better for you than last weeks!

Katherines Dream said...

Happy Valentine's Day
Carol x

julia said...

Love those bunnies!
Glad you managed to get some money back from the Inland Revenue, every Jan we have to send a load!
Enjoy the rest of the week, and get fabric buying!
Julia x


Can't keep up with this surge of posts, I love the bunnies. x

Miles Away In France said...

The bunnies are so cute, I love all your creations.

Racheal x

Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog! I'm looking forward to scrolling back through the archives. The bunnies are adorable. And I totally empathize with the grumpy teenager (here she's nearly 15, going on 20).


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