Tuesday, 22 May 2012

During May....

I have been
making cakes, this one was Coffee and Walnut, on a very wet Bank Holiday,
I also made a Banana cake with an online recipe, it was very tasty and quite light for a banana cake.
I have been making brooches
I love a bit of handstitching whilst watching Coronation Street!
I have also been stitching Scottie Garlands
and patchwork brooches

I have been sent a gorgeous surprise parcel from a very sweet friend in America,THANK YOU SO MUCH dear Paula,you really are the sweetest, kind thoughtful lady!!
He is the cutest darling teddy I have ever seen! I love him and my pretty and dainty hankie too!

I have been crocheting roses from the tutorial of the Amazing Lucy  I've crocheted roses before, but this pattern is so quick and easy, thank you Lucy

And picking flowers in the recent and glorious sunshine and yes I do include Buttercups as flowers, the are so cute and cheery with their nodding yellow heads

Been doing a makeover on a large unit that I bought from our local charity warehouse, so far I have Annie Sloaned it in Old White, I need to wax it now, I'm also going to wallpaper the backing board with pretty floral wallpaper that I've bought on Ebay, hasn't arrived yet though, can't wait.

What have you been up to in May?
Love Rachel x


Amanda said...

hello Rachel,
I'm a newish follower to your blog.

Its really naughty of you posting such good photos on your blog....those cakes look so delicious I am drooling. I also love those makes of yours ...I'm really going to have to find out how to make one of those brooches they are so delightful. I am a crochet addict so perhaps I can crochet one.

Amanda :-)

VintageVicki said...

Some lovely makes there :) including my 2 favourite cakes :)

...Tabiboo... said...

Gosh you have been busy.

I love your new cabinet and 'oh' what a sweet little bunny, but of course your patchwork bits are so gorgeous.

Nina xxx

ps. I made banana related things last night after a batch of eight went all black. N xxx

bellaboo said...

Hi Rachel,lovely to hear from you!
Coffee cake is one of my favourites.Sadly I'm on a very strict diet so can't indulge in any sweet treats at the moment.
You do make the most gorgeous things,and that teddy is sooooo adorable!I have a soft spot for teddy bears.Can't wait to see your cabinet when it's finished.
Have a lovely week and enjoy the sunshine! :0)

Anne said...

Those scotties are so Cute!
Love all the things you have been doing!

Sue said...

Love the brooches and the scottie dogs. They would make great brooches as well.

thelittleroomofrachell said...

Just had a look at your blog after noticing again and again how many Rachel's comment on Lucy's blog ! Lovely photos, maybe we should have tea, cake and crochet sometime.... :-)

polkadotpeticoat said...

Rachel you have been a busy beaver.....love your makeover!!

GrannyTaughtMeToCrochet said...

Oh your blog is lovely!

There are some really beautiful things on it. I am going follow you to make sure I don't miss a blog of inspiration!


thriftwood said...

Hello Rachel, just stumbled upon your blog and am so glad I did! Can't wait to see the transformation of the unit, it already looks 100% better. As for the buttercups, whenever I pick flowers from the garden I always look for buttercups as they are so pretty and really brighten up a bunch of blooms! Have a lovely day from your newest follower! Claire xxx

found and sewn said...

love your little patchwork brooches. The teddy bear is the cutest thing I've ever seen!

Fleur Cotton said...

Oh how lovely Rachel, Your little makes are beautiful...you've had a very productive month. I just adore your cabinet ..it just shows what you can do to out of fashion items to bring them up to date ..very inspiring!

Happy sewing
Fleur xx

kitty loves custard said...

Hi Rachel, I have followed you over from Flickr! :D
I love what you have done with your cabinet, tis gorgeous!
P.S please can you stop posting all the yummy cakes....you are sending me into a cake frenzy!
Argghhhh....cake.....need cake.....
Karen x

Paula said...

Hello sweet Rachel, It is lovely to see a post from you! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for sharing the Teddy I made you and the hankie. I am so happy you like them both sweetie! I love my gorgeous crochet rose brooch!!! Please forgive me for not sharing yet dearest! I will soon! :) YOU are the sweetest, kind thoughtful lady!!! Your cakes look so yummy and I love your teacup and saucer, and the rosy tablecloth! I love your heart brooches, Scottie garlands and patchwork brooch! Everything you create is so pretty, cheerful and fun! I love the crochet roses you made. Thank you for sharing the link. I made some using the book Cute & Easy Crochet, but I will have to take a peek at her tutorial. The colors you used are so pretty! Your flowers are gorgeous! I am so glad to hear you are enjoying sunshine! Your makeover is fantastic! I love the color you painted it and I look forward to seeing the floral wallpaper in the back. Sending you lots of love and a hug across the pond my sweet friend! Love you, Paula xoxo

Becky said...

My goodness you have been busy! I just love everything you have been working on (especially the yummies!). Your newly painted cabinet looks fab!

jus said...

Well I would definitely be happy to serve up either of those two scrummies in my tea shop.... delicious! Like your husband I never buy a lotto ticket either... still dream though, jusx

Lexie Bowman said...

Hello from your newest follower. I am in love with those broaches, they are gorgeous...I will keep my fingers crossed that one day you will post a tutorial for them!!

I love your blog and I am very glad I found it.

Lexie @ piecesofwonderful.blogspot.com

Madelief said...

Hi Rachel,

Thank you for leaving comments. I enjoyed my time in your country very much!

Your cupboard looks great in white! I am considering painting the cupboard in my garden house in the colour 'Louis Blue' by Annie Sloan.

Your coffee walnut pie and banana cake look delicious!

Happy day.

Madelief x

andrea creates said...

love your brooches -so sweet :) looks like you've had a busy may~ i've been working on some new things...
thanks for stopping by!

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

These garlands and handstitched goodies are sooo sweet! Was fun stopping by. Found you via Paula's blog. Will visit again soon.

Anonymous said...

Me gusta tu blog es muy bonito y creativo,gracias por tu comentario en mi blog.Saludos desde España.

Tea at Weasel's said...

Your cabinate looks fabulous!! Well done!...LOVE your handstitched brooches too. I have just used Lucy's May roses tutorial for the top of a tea cosy... yours look great!

Hope you had a good weekend :)

Louise xxx

Karen said...

What lovely brooches and baking and painting! Beautiful! xo Karen

Kevin moon said...

There are some really beautiful things on it. I am going follow you to make sure I don't miss a blog of inspiration!custom logo design

Candy Pop said...

I love your craft things and the eBay find is great!

Anonymous said...
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