Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wet and Rainy in Witney

Hello Hello!
It's a horrid wet rainy day here today, I know the gardens need it but why can't it just rain through the night and let us have glorious sunshine in the day!
I have been making a treasury on Etsy this morning whilst having my tea and toast
Managed to do this one ok, usually I seem to delete it before I have saved it!
Have been making little Dinky Bunnies this week too
Also been cutting into my Cath Kidston stash...well I must stop stroking it and start to make things!
Have made more Scottie Dog Garlands

Also made these at the weekend with my son, very moreish
Peanut Butter Pretzel Bites, I found the recipe on Pinterest, here's the link if you'd like to give them a go.
Just a little tip don't eat them before the chilling time is up as they are delicious when they have firmed up completely! We are just greedy and couldn't wait!
Have a lovely day wherever you are,
Rachel x


Fleur Cotton said...

What sweet little bunnies.

Yes, here in Cheshire it has been rainy too, but I keep thinking that it must be doing the garden good!

Hope it brightens up for the weekend though.

Have a lovely week.
Fleur xx

...Tabiboo... said...


Those bunnies are gorgeous. The one I made at Easter ears flopped so I'm thinking *maybe* an all in one sewn up bunny.....for next year - probably.

Nina xxx

ps. just keep thinking of those May flowers. N x

Paula said...

Hello sweet Rachel! I do hope the sun comes out soon! I know we need rain too, but I am always happy when the sun is shining! Your treasury is fabulous! I loved everything you chose! Your dinky bunnies are so sweet and I love the Scottie garlands too! The Cath Kidston fabric is gorgeous! I love your creations and have lots of things in my faves on Etsy! The dessert looks yummy! Thank you for sharing the link sweetie. Have a lovely day! Much love, Paula xoxo

Madelief said...

Hi Rachel,

Just admired your mosaic on Etsy. It is really you!! So colourful. Love your bunnies & bunting too.

I do agree with you on the weather. If only it could rain at night and not during the day :-)!

happy evening!

Madelief x

Annaboo said...

Thank you for your kind comments over at mine!
I just LOVE your Scottie garlands and those cute wabbits too!
Nearly the weekend ....!

hapi-ness said...! I HAVE to try those pretzel bites :D they look like heaven!
Love your little bunnies :) still need to buy one of your buntings soon!

bellaboo said...

I love those sweet bunnies and the doggie garland is gorgeous too!
It's lovely and sunny here this morning but I think the rain is on it's way.I suppose April is the month of showers but it was more like downpours on our way back yesterday!
Have a happy Sunday! :0)

Monica said...

I happened to be in Witney last week... gosh it rained cats and dogs, but I also managed to enjoy the surroundings with warm and sunny weather. And do some shopping :)) Always love staying there!
Your garlands are adorable.
Warm wishes,

kitty loves custard said...

I do love your little bunnies, the fabric is so darling!

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Kevin moon said...

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