Sunday, 29 May 2011

Todays loot from the boot!

Todays loot from the boot

It took me ages to clean up the heavily tarnished candy dish! I'm so glad I did though!I love the tiny glass decanter and I may keep it for my bedroom!
This Royal Albert sugar bowl is so pretty!
Another little find I forgot to show you last week.Such a sweet little vintage brooch, made with the teensiest tiny stitches! I have popped it here.
Actually, I'm surprised the boot was on, as it looked as though it was going to rain any second!
I went mainly for plants, Sweetpeas and geraniums for a little colour in the garden!
Although I'm waiting for the sun to come out to plant them
Apparantly it is going to rain all day tomorrow! Hey, ho, I shall crochet all day then!
Hope you are having a lovely weekend!
Rachel x


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Lucky you and some lovely finds .... I have never seen so much disgusting garbage at our local one this morning. I really don't know how people have the nerve to stand next to it. Let's hope next week is better ;-)

harmony and rosie said...

Great haul, lovely things - especially that cute little brooch. Enjoy the crocheting!

Scarlett Fontaine said...

wow great haul from the booty! Scarlett x

Pene said...

Well worth risking the rain for!!

polkadotpeticoat said...

Love it all but my favorite is that little framed piece!

Pomona said...

Lots of lovely finds - hope you have a nice day tomorrow!

Pomona x

Isobel said...

You were lucky with your car boot loot. I went to the boot sale today and left without finding anything decent. :(
But hey ho, never mind. Tomorrow I am going to the garden centre for some peonies for the garden. :)

VintageVicki said...

Some lovely finds :) I don't think I'll get bootsaling this weekend.

Madelief said...

Hi Rachel,

You had some lovely finds! I especially like the floral bowl.

Hope the rainclouds will blow away and you will get some sunshine tomorrow.

Lieve groet, Madelief x

Annaboo said...

Oooo I hope my car boot sale trip tomorrow yields some bounty too! The kids are with Daddy and Mummy will have a pocket full of pennies to spend! X

bellaboo said...

Oh,the brooch is so sweet! Glad you had some lovely finds at the week I'm going to start planting my bedding too.Let's hope June will bring some sunshine. :0)

Angel Jem said...

Love the mini brooch! Did it rain all day with you? We had an overcast morning and have had an evening of beautiful sunshine.

jus said...

Geraniums and Sweet Peas... bliss! I love the flowers from the last post too x

koralee said...

Love your I want to go hunting. Hugs my friend.

xx home bird xx said...

Oh I love the bon bon dish! So pretty! I went to my first ever car boot sale last weekend and had difficulty finding anything. I can't wait for the next one, I can feel an addiction starting!

Nicki x
PS When will your shop be up and running? I'm going to buy some bunting (LOVE the Westie garland and need it for my house!)

found and sewn said...

Hi Rachel
It was lovely to meet you too on Thursday. I love your stall and that little sewing case was lovely.
see you again soon
Victoria x

4 Lil' Girls said...

Hey there your blog is great left an award for you on mine
Karen :)

bellaboo said...

Thanks for your sweet comment.Good luck with your painting! Luckily we managed to cover the fence with only one coat.Look forward to seeing your pergola when it's all finished. :0)

Poppy said...

WOW. What a loot! I hope you got the plants in ok. I really do need to get myself off to a car boot sale.

Lou xxx

xx home bird xx said...

Thank you for sending my garlands so quickly. I absolutely love them and will be blogging about them as soon as I get more than five minutes!

So chuffed, they're so pretty and even nicer than they look online (if that's possible!).

Nicki xx

Cuckoo said...

Ah it was you!!! Hurrah! I've edited my post to link to you now.

I must confess, as much as I do like the flavour of Bonne Maman I really only buy it for the jars!

About painting your dresser, Annie Sloan does a chalk based paint that, if you don't wax it, will scrub off but will with stand a damp cloth to clean it. If you wax it it is more hard wearing and you'd just have to sugar soap scrub it to get the paint off. It could be a good way to get your husband to agree to paint it cream, it's not permanent nor hard to remove like normal paint.



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