Monday, 20 June 2011

In the garden...

My brother has been kindly building a Pergola for us, in between the summerhouse and the patio.
I am sooo pleased with it.
He built it in a weekend(I did help though, sanding and chiseling)
But I am still painting it. It.Is.Taking. For. Ever!!
My bro advised me to keep it wood coloured , but I couldn't, mainly because the idea in my head is a country cream pergola covered with sweet scented roses. But also because the trellis is the colour of David Dickinsons tan!Not the look I was aiming for really. It is taking me ages to finish due to all the rainshowers but I'm hoping to get it done this week!
I've bought a pretty bench in a sale at too!
I think we will use sleepers and gravel for paving underneath or we will never get it finished in time to enjoy it!

I have been potting up plants too!Love the Lavetera as it grows so quickly.
I know lots of you ladies are brilliant gardeners and I'm wondering if you could recommend any fast climbers or scented roses!
Hey, hey, Suns out, so painting here I come!
Have a great week!

Rachel x


Mummy Boo Bear said...

It looks great and I am sure it will be fanstic as your idea unfolds!

I have to say I find too much wood a little oppresive particularly if its a little bit orange! lol. The cream sounds gorgeous!

Happy painting.


Angel Jem said...

ooh! It looks fab. As a climber and scented as well I love honeysuckle. It is gorgeous and fills the space well. And I think you can choose early or late varieties so you could fill a year with scent. And goes well with cream.

Helen Philipps said...

Oh how gorgeous - a painted pergola with colourful flowers twining round it - what could be nicer?! I love climbing and rambling roses and have quite a few in my garden but they were all here already when we moved in so I can't claim any knowledge of the different kinds. I would be tempted to plant roses and clematis too. Hope the painting goes ok - it will be sooo worth it!
Helen x

4 Lil' Girls said...

OHHH that is going to look so gorgeous, i def think cream is the right colour for it, Hope the weather holds good so you can finish it. Can't wait to see the final reveal!!Karen :)

Cuckoo said...

You make me chuckle, David Dickensons tan!!

ps is it you with the pine dresser and a garland of strawberries?


Madelief said...

Hi Rachel,

Your new pergola looks good! Oh, if it wasn't for brothers. I am happy with mine as well. He built us a new deck in the garden. I can see your brother is a handyman as well!

Fast climbers....If you want a rose that climbs fast and is strong, I can recommend New Dawn. It's the one I planted against our little garden house with the soft pink flowers.

Clematis Montana is a fast climber that gives very small soft pink flowers in spring. I planted mine in April this year, and it has already grown more than a meter!

Good luck with the planting!

Happy week,

Madelief x

Pretty at Heart said...

Cant wait to see the finished pergola. I was also going to suggest a clematis Montana. If you know anyone with one, they are quite easy to take cuttings from too. I have had one in my last 3 houses - and they grow quickly, look pretty and look after themselves!
I love the bench too!

Posie Patchwork said...

Yay for handimen we're related too!! Looks gorgeous but get that painting right or you'll be forever fixing it, good luck!! Love Posie

Posie Patchwork said...

Oh as for climbers, in Australia we have lots of wisteria (purple) & scented jasmine (white), gorgeous in Summer time, only filled with bees - i got stung many times as a child. Love Posie

Sandi said...

Yes I'm with the cream too, it is going to look gorgeous and vintage and very country rose. Wisteria would look heavenly growing all over it.
x Sandi

Romi and Bob said...

So lovely and I am loving your bench. x

polkadotpeticoat said...

What a nice brother you have...Its all looking so lovely...your flowers are so bright and cheery! It looks like its chilly there?

Jane said...

he he I love the tan comment, why do all garden things only come in that colour? I am a very basic gardener but I do have a fab plant that climbs up our pergola, I think its called a potato plant..not very pretty sounding I know but it grows fast and has lots of little purple flowers :) Have fun x x x x

koralee said...

Your garden is will be stunning once your pergola is all finished.xox

Cuckoo said...

Not sure you accept bloggy awards but there's one for you over at mine xxx

Poppy said...

Looking good so far...David Dickinson's tan is never a good look.

Have a lovely weekend...

Lou xxx

Anonymous said...

I like the natural wood colour!


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