Monday, 10 January 2011

Show and tell

Last week I bought these lovelies from the CS and I forgot to show you.

Pretty mohair scarves. I didn't buy them to wear, I would like to make something with them, but I'm not sure what yet!

The colours are much prettier in real life!

These 2 are pure wool and may become little Scottie dogs I think!

The grey scarf on the left is beautifully soft Alpaca, gorgeous!

They are just sitting in a pile at the mo.

I had a wonderful weekend filled with crisp sunny walks, yes sunny and blue skies, DVD watching, lovely crochet and gorgeous food cooked by Hubby (he made a lovely roast dinner)

Oh and Singstar, now I'm not one for karaoke, no no no, I'm too shy( my friends would snigger at this point and say You, Shy?) But I am I exclaim! But in the comfort of my own home we have great fun battling it out on Singstar and we just ordered a new one which made us laugh- a lot!Now I say us, I mean me and Hubby, as my 16 yr old son disappeared upstairs cringing as we attempted Bohemian Rhapsody! Honestly, !!

Now I have a bit more crochet to show you, made with yarn from my stash, in the loft. That would be the loft that is SOOOO full of my craft stuff, Hubby swears it will collapse into our bedroom anytime soon!


I followed the tutorial from Bunnymummy and it is brilliant, very clear and easy to follow!

PastelsThank you so much Jacquie! You're a star!

Still working on my little squares scarf!

Rachel x


Sarah said...

Your really getting the hang of the crochet now xx

Jacquie said...

Hi Rachel , so glad you found my tutorial easy to follow . Love your bunting :0)
Jacquie x

greenrabbitdesigns said...

Your crochet is great, love the bunting! :)
Vivienne x

HoldMyHand said...

So happy you've finally mastered crochet and very well too! Lovely colours, perfect for dull January.

delia hornbook said...

aww well done your crochet is looking fantastic i love the pastel colours really pretty. Sing star isn't it just great ;-)) My friend has it and its a must on a girly night ;-)) Dee x

jus said...

i LOVE singstar... i think it's the 21st century equivalent of a wartime singsong around the piano or a jane austen type recital... my favourite song has to be living the vida loca, and i always do it standing up! work it baby, x

Heidi said...

I think I love these best of all....and those scarves are the bomb!

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Sounds heavenly to me..... oh I wish I had the crochet knack.....

Sarah x

melanie said...

What lovely blankets you found :) yoour crochet is looking really good, well done :) xxx

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Love those scarves.
Aren't you doing really well with crochet?!

Jane said...

I love your bunting, the colours are really pretty..makes me think of spring :)
Jane x x x x

♥coco rose♥ said...

Rachel, I'm loving watching your crochet progression! It's funny how it just sort of clicks and then you get completely addicted! So, this year will be filled with fun filled yarn colour! Awesome! he he!



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