Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Happy Things!

Coffee, cookies and crochet= 1 hour of total happiness!!

See how easily pleased I am!

Thank you all so much for your crochet encouragement and kind words!

I promise I will talk about something else soon.

Have a lovely day!

Rachel x


Things Hand Made said...

I am very into my crochet at the moment and its quite hard to pick up something else!

delia hornbook said...

An hour of heaven ;-)) Enjoy,Dee x

Jackie said...

The perfect way to spend 60 minutes! x

Anonymous said...

I'm easily pleased too then, as that's my idea of happiness too!!!
Vivienne x

Madelief said...

Lovely colours!!!

Lieve groet, Madelief

melanie said...

I agrre, coffe, cookies and crochet does indeed equal happiness :) xx

Mummy Boo Bear said...

A good way to spend time! It is an addictive thing this crochet lark.

Loving all the colours in yours.


Pretty at Heart said...

No, please carry on with crochet comments too!! It is something I really want to have a go at this year, so any tips I can pick up from you and others will be appreciated!

Sarah said...

You really are getting hang of it! Are you going to make a garland?

Heidi said...

I could not get passed the cookies this diet is killing me!!!

a mermaids purse said...

oh how lovely, delightful blog as well ...cookies n crochet seem a perfect combo to me x

i still havent begun my crochet blanket, i learnt how to crochet then bought lots of lovely wools and havent yet done anything!
but i will, eventually x

A Thrifty Mrs said...

Lovely combo.
I'm a crochet addict at the moment so you can talk about crochet until you're blue in the face and I'd be happy.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohh lovely!

Aaahh thank you for your sweet message on my blog, I was really REALLY nervous about putting a photo on as I hate seeing myself in photos but I thought most other blogs do & it is lovely to see who is blogging isn't it so that you have a mental picture of them.
I must admit though I have put it on & took it off a good few times before I left it!


Helen Philipps said...

Yes, a craft, a coffee and a cookie (or two) sounds like happiness to me too! Enjoy your lovely new crochet and keep happy! Helen x

Louise said...

Well done with your crochet it looks fabulous ... I remember the first few weeks when I learnt I actually got blisters on my fingers from a combination of holding the hook/yarn too tight and crocheting around the clock ... complete obsession!!

I picked up five hanks of vintage yarn from the CS today so I'm itching to start a new project.
I do love the fact that I can spend an afternoon at 'work' crocheting which translates to sitting with my feet up drinking endless cups of tea!

Carole said...

Have fun, actually it's very relaxing and you made me want to take up crochetting again. A few rows here and there before bedtime, and now Elise has a new hat ! Better yet : she asked me to teach her and she is really motivated !
By the way, thanks a lot for the lovely rose brooch, I received it some time ago, I intended to post about it but... life happened... again !

Tabiboo said...

Ahhhhhh crochet - tis very addictive....I know.

Lovely colours and you keep on going.

Have a lovely day,

Nina xxx

Poppy said...

You are doing so well! I can’t see to put mine down, how sad is that? I can’t wait to see what else you make.

Lou xxx

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Hi I am your newest follower! I love your little man Wilson - I have 3 dogs!!

found and sewn said...

sounds perfect!

VintageBettys said...

We love your buntings!
Laura and Michele


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