Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Grand Day Out!

OnWednesday my lovely friend Karen and I went to Bicester Village for the day.It's a discount retail outlet which is only half an hour away from us.It was fairly empty when we arrived in the morning.We had a mooch around a few shops and then as it was so cold we just HAD to go to Carluccios for a hot chocolate.It was very naughty but gorgeous and just what we needed. A girls gotta build up her energy to tackle all those shops!

We did get some great bargains , Reebok trainers for my son reduced to just £4.99 fro £50!Karen bought a lovely dress fro Mexx which was a bargain.My favourite shop of the day, I have to say,was Cath Kidston.I was very restrained and saved this shop almost till last

I bought this gorgeous fabric for just £10 per m.Thats a bit of a saving on the usual price!

I also bought 4 of these tea towelsNot my favourite ,but I thought I'd turn them into cushions or totes for my stall.I couldn't refuse them at this price

It was a lovely day and ended with me making these brooches in the evening

I think this one is my favourite at the moment, purely because of the button.

Thankyou so much to for nominating me for the Marie Antionette award-A real person -A real award.Unfortunately I have just spent an hour and a half trying to load the photo and rules and the people I'm nominating onto my blog and Blogger won't bloody do it.It's driving me mad and giving me a headache!Hubby keeps telling me that I deleted it but i swear I haven't.I shall try again tomorrow.Sorry Hollypops.

Rachel x

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Reading blogs when I shouldn't be!

I don't think I'll ever need to buy a 'home magazine' ever again, not since of come across these beautiful blogs!

And here's another spend too much time just gazing longingly at these blogs, when I should be working on my home.I'm still working on my tiny little workroom, still a spot of painting to do .I'll hopefully show you some piccies next week!

I shall be back tomorrow as I've been tagged and also received an award from Nicky at a lovely lady who's new to blogging.Why not pop over and say hello.

I have been eating lots of this, and only this, to lose weight for my holiday.I do love homemade soup, luckily.Although it would be nicer with a swirl of cream and a lovely hunk of crusty bread!

See you tomorrow

Rachel x

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

This week I'm lovin...

My lovely parcel of fabric from Buttonberry, look how beautifully it's wrapped!

Actually this arrived very promptly last week, I ordered on a Sunday evening and it arrived Tuesday morning, Fantastic!

Do you want to peek inside?

The colours are actually brighter than this.I also ordered these lovely fabrics, I'm trying to get ahead for next Christmas!

I nearly forgot this one!Beautiful muted colours.

I'm also really pleased with this patchwork that I've been making with my fabric scraps

I have been stitching them into little bags.

I've loved making them but they take a while as the patches are handstitched.

I've also been doing a spot of painting.I boght this lovely mirror at the boot, I'm not keen on the gold so I'm painting it white.The trouble is I love it so much, I want to keep it but it has to go on my stall tommorrow.

I'm off to make oodles of bunting, again for my stall , see you soon

Rachel x

Saturday, 3 January 2009


As the light is so bright today I have taken a few photos.I had Sew Fabulous Fabric for Chistmas from hubby and I love it, can't wait to start some of the projects!

I was in the Works in Oxford yesterday and came across the book on the left, I was so pleased!You see I have borrowed this book from the library on 3 occasions and I've paid about a fiver in fines for having it so long!I'm so excited to have my own copy as I'm halfway through a project in the book.Anyway it was only £2.99, what a bargain!

I don't think I've shown you my lovely fabric from the boot which I have made a runner from.My friend found it for me for a £1, she knows my style so well
My family think I'm mad as I place it on the dining room table, but I won't let them put stuff on it, well not stuff like sauce bottles or cups that leave coffee stains!


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