Saturday, 24 January 2009

A Grand Day Out!

OnWednesday my lovely friend Karen and I went to Bicester Village for the day.It's a discount retail outlet which is only half an hour away from us.It was fairly empty when we arrived in the morning.We had a mooch around a few shops and then as it was so cold we just HAD to go to Carluccios for a hot chocolate.It was very naughty but gorgeous and just what we needed. A girls gotta build up her energy to tackle all those shops!

We did get some great bargains , Reebok trainers for my son reduced to just £4.99 fro £50!Karen bought a lovely dress fro Mexx which was a bargain.My favourite shop of the day, I have to say,was Cath Kidston.I was very restrained and saved this shop almost till last

I bought this gorgeous fabric for just £10 per m.Thats a bit of a saving on the usual price!

I also bought 4 of these tea towelsNot my favourite ,but I thought I'd turn them into cushions or totes for my stall.I couldn't refuse them at this price

It was a lovely day and ended with me making these brooches in the evening

I think this one is my favourite at the moment, purely because of the button.

Thankyou so much to for nominating me for the Marie Antionette award-A real person -A real award.Unfortunately I have just spent an hour and a half trying to load the photo and rules and the people I'm nominating onto my blog and Blogger won't bloody do it.It's driving me mad and giving me a headache!Hubby keeps telling me that I deleted it but i swear I haven't.I shall try again tomorrow.Sorry Hollypops.

Rachel x


Hen said...

We're planning a trip to Bicester tomorrow and I'm def going now as I love that Faded Flowers fabric and don't have any in pink...
Pretty flower brooches, too.
Hen x

The sewing room said...

Sounds like you had a fab day and so lucky with your bargains their great

Best wishes Pat

Cowboys and Custard said...

Just love your flower power brooches.. beautiful colours and they bring a hint of Spring with them!!


Hollypop's said...

Looks like a good shopping trip, love the fabric. Your little brooches are sooooo pretty too.
Enjoy whats left of Sunday.

thriftymrs said...

I am desperate too get down to Bicester. Mr Thrifty's best friend lives nearby so I may have to push him into a visit.

Ragged Roses said...

Congrats on your award! Beautiful flower brooches, they are so bright and cheery! I have a cushion made from that CK fabric, it is one of my favs

Hen said...

Hi Rachel,
You're right, we didn't go to Bicester in the end. It was horrible and rainy so I didn't fancy driving, we went out for lunch locally instead and I started on the pin cushions when I got back. I think as I'd been to Cath K in the week, I wasn't so desperate for my fix but I still have it pencilled in in the next few weeks!
Lovely and sunny here today. Hope it's nice with you.
Hen x

The White Bench said...

Oh Rachel, looooooove Bicester Village! And loooooooove CK shop at Bicester Village! Good prices over there! But your purchase was a steal!! Lucky girl! Those fabrics are gorgeous!

Rosesposes said...

Hi that sounds like a good place to visit. Its nice to get genuine bargains, instead of like 10%! which never feels much!.
Fabric is gorgeous and the brooches look lovely, you are very good at making them x Dom

The White Bench said...

Happy St. Valentine's Day, Rachel!

Rosesposes said...

Hi can you send me your email please as I am changing my blog to private and I want you to be able to visit still
thats if you want of course!, only i will see your email x Dom
so will be safe

Rosesposes said...

Hi Rachel
The magazine comes on a huge peice of card advertising it!I mean quite big too! and it says on the cover the art of crochet . It comes with a crochet hook , dvd and 2 yarns small ball size.
On the Martha stewart website thrifty mrs pointed me towards a ribbon box that they make, you must take a look. In the search box just pop ribbon storage and it shows you their ones they have made. They look good too
X Dom
ps thanks for coming to my new blog home x


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