Wednesday, 14 January 2009

This week I'm lovin...

My lovely parcel of fabric from Buttonberry, look how beautifully it's wrapped!

Actually this arrived very promptly last week, I ordered on a Sunday evening and it arrived Tuesday morning, Fantastic!

Do you want to peek inside?

The colours are actually brighter than this.I also ordered these lovely fabrics, I'm trying to get ahead for next Christmas!

I nearly forgot this one!Beautiful muted colours.

I'm also really pleased with this patchwork that I've been making with my fabric scraps

I have been stitching them into little bags.

I've loved making them but they take a while as the patches are handstitched.

I've also been doing a spot of painting.I boght this lovely mirror at the boot, I'm not keen on the gold so I'm painting it white.The trouble is I love it so much, I want to keep it but it has to go on my stall tommorrow.

I'm off to make oodles of bunting, again for my stall , see you soon

Rachel x


Hen said...

They all look fabulous. You have lots of patience for all that hand piecing of the hexagons! Worth it though.
Hen x

Sew Recycled said...

Looks like Im not the only one who has been busy!
Love the little bags - I try and sew all my scraps together after I have done a project. Which leaves me with lots and lots of ptchwork samples! I think one day I will sew them all together and make a HUGE quilt!

Rosesposes said...

Hi you have been a busy little bee!. The fabric is gorgeous , I am particulary in love with the rosie one!. Love the bags, patchwork is such a lovely thing to look at and looks so good
x Dom

Hollypop's said...

Rachel, I've given you an award, please pop over to see...

Hollypop's said...

Love the patchwork bags, very pretty, can't remember the last time I did some patchwork.
By the way I've tagged you too....
Take a look.

The sewing room said...

Love your new fabric and l have a patch work hand sewn in hexagons waiting to be finished l started it about eight years ago and it has been on my mind to finish it may be l will soon
Best wishes Pat

Hollypop's said...

You're welcome. I know I had to sit down and think too.
Take care.

Lucy Bloom said...

It's great getting lovely parcels in the post - your patchwork bags are really cute! But how could you bear to part with that mirror?!
Lucy x

mollycupcakes said...

OMG I'm loving that mirror, it is just like the sort of frame I'm looking for but only in a picture frame not mirror (if you know what i mean?) lol
liking the fabrics too, so beautiful.
Good luck with the stall sweetie.
Catherine x

The White Bench said...

Hi Rachel,
those fabrics are just fabulous! Can't wait to see the finished projects!
And thank you for your nice words- I feel honoured...
Have a beautiful evening,

Rosesposes said...

Hi Rubyred
Blackout is in Kensington Place when you next visit. I love Velvet but they are shutting one of them. I hope they dont the other ones too.
How lovely you can come and see your daughter. I bet she loves showing you around x thanks for your lovely comments x Dom


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