Friday, 4 December 2009

Christmas Giveaway!

Although we are in December, I still quite can't believe it! It maybe due to the fact that Hubby was away working in Egypt for the WHOLE of November and I was left on my own with my boy! Now recently my boy has gotten himself a good social life so I was alone. A lot.In fact even when he is in, he's a boy of few words!(he's 15)
For example" How did work experience go today? " Good"
What happened then?" "Stuff"
The upside was that I had lots of time on my hands to make 'stuff 'and make 'stuff 'I did! Lots of handmade Christmas presents and working on new design ideas.Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy time on my own, but a whole month is just toooo long especially when it's only meant to be for 2 weeks!So, to get me in the full festive spirit of December thought I'd have a little giveaway!

It will be a little parcel of goodies including, one of my Christmas fairies,

A little bunny made from vintage Witney blanket,

And a gingham heart,there will also be a few surprise gifts! They will be held in one of my heart calico bags!

All you have to do is tell me about one of your Christmas traditions in your home and I'll enter you into the draw!

One of my traditions is wrapping presents next to the lit Christmas tree, with a Baileys coffee and a mince pie, listening to my CD of all the old crooners!Especially Bing Crosby singing Drummer Boy, you know the per u pa pum pum song! Love it, hubby isn't keen on that CD though ,he prefers the Mariah Carey Christmas CD!

Can't wait to hear about yours! I'm off to have a slice of homemade flapjack , still abit warm and crumbly and a cuppa, hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Oh, the draw will close on Wednesday, to give me enough time to post it off! Overseas ladies are very welcome to join in too!

Rachel x


VintageVicki said...

Christmas traditions - where do I start??

Suppose the best one is the Christmas Eve one -

Must have boiled ham, baked potatoes and homemade pickles for dinner.

The wrap up warm and head to the open air carol service in town where we sign our hearts out and socks off ;)

Home then for baths, new PJ's, putting stocking out and Santa snacks by the fireplace.

Same every year and in only 2 weeks time we'll be doing exactly the same :)

Annalisa said...

Oh well,our Christmas tradition is pretty much all the same every year, but me and my family still love it so much!During the 23rd and 24th of December we love to listen Christmas songs (Gospel are among our favourites)
We usually go to the Holy Mass on December 24th night..when we get home, at midnight, we usually set the table for Santa (chocolate cookies and other cakes!),light the tree and go to bed...In the morning, in a great hurry, everyone runs to unwrap the gifts and that is the moment I love the most, because I can see my whole family smiling and not caring about anything else than each other for once!
Then we have lunch- homemade traditional Christmas food- and in the afternoon we play games like chess and stay all together..This is my Christmas, and I just can't wait for it to come again!

bekimarie said...

Apart from the drinking of baileys and openeing of roses whilst doing last minute wrapping on Christmas eve. We all get to open one present before bed.
Sat here thinking we have lots of traditions over Christmas, I hope my children carry them on when they're grown.
Beki xxx

jenifers said...

I just found your lovely blog throught dottieangel. I too love the color red and my daughter's name is Ruby.

My step mom is a wonder baker. A few years ago she invited all of the girls over to bake Christmas cookies. It was just my sister, my oldest daughter, Sophie, and myself. What fun we had! We have added two more grandchildren to the event. We have a special sugar cookie recipe and there is a competition to see who can use the most sprinkles/decorations!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello, this is my first visit to your blog..and I've visited just at the right time to put in my entry for your lovely giveaway ! We have a tradition on Christmas Eve for just our family. We are 4 , mum, dad and 2 girls. In our PJ's we roast chestnuts on the open fire , having mulled cranberry juice and all snuggle up together on the sofa watching a Christmassy DVD together before an early night...I can't wait !

PS I have a giveaway running too if you fancy a visit

lemonade kitty said...

Hi just found your blog.Our Christmas Traditions are, we always have a christmassy puzzle on the go over christmas and everyone does a bit, we all go ice skating at an outdoor rink and drink hot chocolate and donuts afterwards and the whole family go to a pantomime on 30th December...Christmas we love it...Lucey xxx

Quilt it & Dotty said...

The start of the Christmas season used to be the day after 'Sinterklaas' the 6th of December. Buying a tree, my Husband getting cross about the fact it is even larger than last year. This year Christmas starts even earlier because now I own a quiltshop! I keep on putting on christmas-crooner-cd's and dance in my shop in the littles moment of sollitude.
And going to the Nutcracker Ballet every year. Especially on Christmas eve...

Blondie's Journal said...

We have so many Christmas traditions it is hard to pin down just one! When my children were small, on the evenings proceeding Christmas, we would bake and decorate cookies, wrap presents and make homemade ornaments. We would then snuggle on the couch together to watch Christmas specials on television and eat popcorn with all the lights off except those on the tree. Those were lovely times and I know they look back fondly on those memories. My youngest is 18 and she still loves these traditions!


Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

My christmas traditions are to make the last of the goodies for the christmas food hampers for friends & family, Jam, chutney or millionairs shortbread. Wrap presents in front of the fire and to have friends round for a christmas eve dinner. Loving your giveaway, hope santa brings you what you wished for this year.
Love Sophie xxx

bad penny said...

How lovely - may I join in please ? ( one of my hens is called Ruby ! )

When the children were little - they are teens now, I used to let them open a present on Christmas eve... But I was cunning... it would either be lovely new jammies or a Christmas themed bedtime story inside ... my clever way to get them to bed !

Afterwards I'd pour a glass of port and stuff their stockings which I absolulely loved doing. Now they go to bed later than me !!!

Also, having lived in Spain and our daughter was born there, January 5th is very important - the night of the kings where there is a procession through the streets and children get sweets - we try to keep this special too and have a few friends in & give sweets to the children.
Because of this tradition I always keep the decorations up untli twelf night ( but I don't put them up very early )

Mummy Boo Bear said...

Oooh what a lovely giveaway, may I join in?

Christmas traditions. Well both me and my DH come from bigish families so we have mixed a few of our childhood traditions in with a few of our own.

Christmas morning there is a stocking bag from santa for everyone that is DH's christmas tradition. Mine from childhood is that you get dressed and have breakfast before any pressie opening. This sounds cruel but I remember in my childhood it all helped to build up the excitment.

We have quite a few traditions, one is we watch loads of christmassy films all together in the run up to christmas. And the other is we love handing out christmas pressies to the girls one at the time to make the special day last a bit longer. Something we remember from our childhoods was although great fun ripping open loads of gifts it was all over in an hour! Last year the girls still had some pressies to open on boxing day!

What a lovely giveaway and hope that all your christmas wishes come true.


freelandjune said...

Choosing the tree - the whole family go together to choose our perfect tree at a local Estate where it's chopped down for us ( Well, it's the nearest thing to felling our own in a swedish forest and dragging it home on a sleigh !)
We decorate - the boys have a new decoration each to put on ( As they are 16 and 11 we need quite a big tree to accommodate them all !)
Turn on the twinkling lights ... glass of mulled wine... inhale ...perfect !

gill said...

we don't bring the (real) tree in till christmas eve - this is followed by lots of sawing, tweaking,turning and mulled wine before everyone is completely happy - and then it is decorated to within an inch of its life including all the homemade decorations from the last 20 years!!
gill x

Brenda @Cozy Little House said...

How cute! I guess my tradition is trying to make homemade pretties for the house.

Anonymous said...

what a lovley thought how generous, Every year we open our stockings upstairs in bed so that we can wait for my mother in law to come round so that she can see the children opening there other presents and join in the fun. now they are teeniagers thay find it much easier to wait but they still have to have their stocking in our room:)

Anonymous said...

what a lovley thought how generous, Every year we open our stockings upstairs in bed so that we can wait for my mother in law to come round so that she can see the children opening there other presents and join in the fun. now they are teeniagers thay find it much easier to wait but they still have to have their stocking in our room:)

Sarah said...

Our first christmas tradition is that the 1st week in December we have my parents around to make the christmas cake. We all have a stir and make a wish, its always a lovely day which starts off the festive season. Our other one is tree pressies. These are gifts that are left under the tree until christmas evening so you have a little something to look foward to at the end of the day. Ive only just found your blog and have enjoyed reading it very much.

A Country Girl said...

Can't resist a giveaway, especially from such a pretty blog!
We have many small Christmas traditions but the one that really says Christmas to me is Christmas Eve. We pop round to my brother and his wife on their farm in the morning to exchange presents. She makes mulled wine and delicious homemade mince pies. In the afternoon, we always have a long family walk. This dates to when the children where small and needed tiring out so they would go to bed! It always worked, as they've never given us any bother at bedtime on Christmas Eve.
It's been lovely reading about other peoples traditions.
CG xx

MarmaladeRose said...

How lovely, just what we need at this stressful time of year, a lovely treat.
Our Christmas tradition is that Father Christmas leaves just one present at the end of the childrens beds. This gift has to be brought into Mum and Dads bedroom and everyone has to cram onto our bed to open their gift.

This is becoming increasingly difficult as the children are now 16 and 14 and go to bed later than us! Not to mention long gangley teenagers trying to squish onto our bed, teehee!

LissyLou said...

we have a few christmas traditions, but my fave is that we all put the tree up together - with mince pies and hot chocolate and christmas music. And then lastly my hubbie picks up the boys and they both put the star on the tree. xx

bad penny said...

thanks for popping over - lovely to read your comments. I have an awful bad back & nearly closed my blog for Christmas but it does give me a giggle !

lovely reading all the traditions our kids have always wanted to open their stockings in our room too ( mind you I bet they won't even wake up now )

Also we have a cooked brekkies glass of fizz - then open the pressies to make it last longer.

LittleGem said...

What gorgeous christmas goodies!
Well my favourite bit is putting up all the decorations, which we will do this week, but Christmas eve is when all the made exciting wrapping gets done at the last minute!
xx Gem

Felicity said...

oh please may i enter, my tradition is a bit like yours, on christmas eve we pour a large drink baileys for me, light a fire and wrap joshys' present whilst listening to our fave christmas songs! fliss xx

Lorraine said...

What a lovely giveaway. You are so generous.
Our Christmas Eve tradition is watching The Muppet Christmas Carol, wrapping presents, attending a Christingle service and then chilling out with a Bailey's coffee - Bliss!

Tabiboo said...

Hello and good day - eventually, sorry!

I have to first say I love your little rabbit - he is adorable and I know about boys, mine is nine going on nineteen!

As for Christmas traditions - it has to be Classic FM on the radio for all the carols, christingle and mulled wine plus putting the tree up on the 12th day - no sooner, no later as my mum always told me it was bad luck!!

Have a lovely day,

Nina xxxxxxx

vanessa said...

That bunny and angel are soooooo sweet! Sorry to hear you're being forced to spend so much time on your own. Teenagers hey! Complicated people, teenagers. I suppose it's all about preparing themselves to leave the nest, isn't it?
We have a Christmas tradition of getting dressed up to the nines for an evening Christmas meal. The women get out their sparkle, the men wear ties or dinner jackets, if they have them, and we all sit round the kitchen table in our finery, having a wonderful time! Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)


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