Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Today I'm loving...

listening to the new Robbie Williams CD on Spotify! It's fantastic!Especially love the track You know me.

My new pins, so colourful, little things please little minds and all that!

Bunting in progress, I have made 10 lengths of bunting this week as I have 3 events, Thurs, Fri and Saturday

Browsing images of kitchens,especially love these two.Our kitchen is smaller than this,but we are hoping to knock down a wall and have a kitchen diner after Christmas

Image from McKeown Kit

Image from Country Living

A girl can dream....

I'm off to stitch Gingerbread men next!
Rachel x


dottydotty said...

have heard realy good stuff about robbies cd might have to treat myself
can't wait to see the gingerbread men

Carol said...

Nothing wrong in dreaming! someday we may make them happen.
the image of Robbie is a great onw, must go and have a listen on amazon,
Carol x

Tabiboo said...

Now is busy, busy, busy - far better than me, I'm still supping tea!

Nina x


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