Saturday, 7 November 2009

Today I met Jemma Redgrave!

Yes I did! I was walking into Witney to buy yarn, when a car driving towards me pulled over to ask me for directions.As I looked into the car I realised it was a famous actress from TV, as I turned into a blithering idiot trying to remember the way to Ramsden (a small village) the cogs in my brain were whirring ,

What I said,

You could go on to the next village and turn right,

You might be better to go back to the island and turn left,

You're not far away,

Sorry, I haven't really been very helpful!

What I was thinking ,

Oh my god, it's a famous actress from TV,

She's prettier in real life,

What on earth is her name?

She's got a lovely voice!

She was in that Doctor programme on TV

I think she's from a family of famous actresses,

What's she doing around here?

I wonder who she's visiting in Ramsden?

I hope Jemma Redgrave and her little boy made it to Ramsden, as I was useless at directions!

After I explained her to my friend Darryl, He said was she in Bramwell?Yep that's the doctor programme I was thinking of! was the lovely and very pretty Jemma Redgrave!

Also making me belly laugh today is this clip, so true!
Rachel x


Anonymous said...

i was watching bramwell when I was in labour with annie desperately tried to get to the end before i admited defeat and went to the hospital sadly no the pain just got to much she was born 4 hours later and I never did get to see the end. love michael mcintyre have to admit to saying at least once I cna't believe its november:)

english rose corner said...

A lot of my ancestors came from Witney in the 14th and 15th centuries and Ramsden in the 18th and 19th, both lovely places in Oxfordshire, dont think we have any links to the Redgraves, but the Spencers and Churchills are my relatives (I am just a poor one!) best wishes betty countryrosecorner

Carol said...

Lol, you sweetie. I can never remember famous pleoples names, i just get a blank for some reason.
She is very pretty. I did not follow Bramwell, but I can remember it being on tv. Off to the link to see more!
Thank you for your kind words, they mean more than you might think.
Take care,
Carol xxx

Red Riding said...

im poor at giving directions even to peeps that arent famous,i had someone ask me for directions for the road i live in which was only 1 road away and i was all flustered and confused!
im also extremly rubbish at recognising


Kitschen Pink said...

I once met an Actress whom I had idolised since I was a child - I was walking home from Art School and up she popped and asked me the way to an off licence - I was an art student - I would know these things - but for the life of me, in the centre of a bustling city - I couldn't think of a single one! t.x

The Vintage Kitten said...

Im embarassed to admit I once saw Les 'Family Fortunes' Dennis in Marks and Spencers. We said hello to each other and as he walked away I made the stupid noise made when a contestant gets an answer wrong on Family Fortunes!!! What an idiot I felt, I dont know why I did it. Why do we act strange when we speak to someone famous? X

Tabiboo said...

What a lovely story to recount and I'm sure she didn't think you were giving strange directions at all.


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