Saturday, 30 May 2009

Wonderful Vintage and Handmade Fair!

Yes indeed it truly was wonderful! Where to start, I set off in hubby's car with his trusty sat nav for company, I was a bit nervous as it was 62 miles away.Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised it was quite an easy journey.I was also a little nervous as I stepped into the town hall, honestly, all these people that you chat to online and now meeting them in the flesh! I felt like I was meeting celebrities! There was no need to be nervous at all, whilst I was at Jane's stall buying some lovely stuff I met the lovely Lou from She really is a lovely lady, we had never met before but we walked around the Fair together, oohhing and aahhing about everyones stuff! I bought the lovely pins from Jane and also the gorgeous strawberry badge her daughter made, a very talented girl!

I bought the cards from the lovely and friendly Clare at elfieandme.I also bought this for my daughter as she's a sucker for notebooks.Whilst we were buying and chatting,Catherine from arrived, it was lovely to meet you Catherine and have a quick chat!

Lucy bloom had such pretty stuff I bought a few things from her , this tiny but very beautiful pin cushion

These very pretty and of course useful magnetic pegs!

The bundle of fabrics were such a bargain, I just had to buy them .I didn't really have much of a chat with Lucy as she had so many customers, I'm not surprised, her things were so pretty

Hen's stall looked fit to burst with prettiness
I've been admiring these for ages so I treated myself!http://http//

I 've been meaning to make one of thes for ages and just havent got around to it so I bought this one from Shabby Cchick, it was only £4.50 too, Bargain!

Last but not least, it was so so lovely to meet this lady, she is exactly how I thought she'd be, warm and friendly and also very clever to think of the idea and organize the Fair with Jane!I love her stuff too! Some of the toys bought back happy memories from childhood days!Michele very kindly gave me a Noddy badge too! Such a sweet thing to do!

The atmosphere at the fayre was buzzing,lots of ladies oohhing and aahhing and all buying pretty things, I could have bought lots more but I spent all my money!

I shall be saving my pennies to buy a gorgeous bunny from this lady I really, really want one They really are special, made by an extremely nice lady! It was lovely to meet you Nicky.

There were lots of other stalls I havent mentioned but they were all gorgeous, I'm sure you'll hear about them on other blogs! The cakes were delicious, especially the Tiffin, accidentally dropped a bit down my bra, don't know how I missed my mouth!

It really was a wonderful day out and I'm so glad I went. I'd recommend to anyone to try and visit the next one!

Rachel x


louise said...

The first review I have found! I wish I could meet all the lovely ladies and buy all the lovely goodies. Nice to hear you had a great time. x

Vintage Amethyst said...

Aaahhhh it sounds like a truely wonderful day, how lovely to meet so many people.
Oh I'm so glad you liked the cake too, it is easy isn't it & really how delicious is it! Too yummy!
Ta ta for now

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Rachel, yes, it was quite busy, what a shame you didn't tell me it was you, now I am racking my brain trying to put a face to the pincushion! Wasn't it fantastic though, so much talent! Glad you had a good day there.
Lucy x

lou said...

Hi Rachel, it was lovely too meet you too; I have been having a look at my goodies!
Thank you for your lovely company and hopefully there will be a Christmas fair so we can meet up again.
Did you find any more tiffin in your bra???? ;0)
Love Lou xxx

simpsonsnz said...

Oh! it all sounds so wonderful and I so envy you for going, it is a freezing cold day here in New Zealand with sleet and hail showers and I'm looking at your blog and wishing I had been there.I shall now get out my sewing machine and inspired by the lovely things I've seen I'll finish my quilts or at least one quilt.

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Rachel..
Thank you so much for coming to see us and especially to come and say hello and introduce yourself. It is a bit intimidating meeting all those bloggers en masse but what a friendly bunch they are!
I am so glad you had a good day out..
I had so much fun and don't think I sat down all day... tired but very happy!
Michele xx

gingerwine said...

I wish I could have gone!
Look at all of the lovely things!


Alexandra said...

Oh, how jealous am I?!?! I so wish I could have seriously thinking of driving down from Scotland for the next one!!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Well, that's a first....having my tiffin end up in a bra (you're supposed to put it in your mouth!!). ;-)
So nice to meet you & of course we are going to have one for Christmas - everybody insists!


Hen said...

Hi Rachel,
Thanks for coming and saying hello at the fair, so glad you did introduce yourself. Great you found some lovely goodies to take home - and keeping a bit of tiffin in your bra as a memory - inspired!!!
Hen x

marble rose said...

What a lovely blog you have, I found you through your review of the fair - which I am so sad I couldn't go to.
Right I am off to make a cuppa and go back through your posts!


Kim McBirnie said...

Wow, a couple of other people have blogged about the craft fair, it makes me jealous that I'm too far north! Looks like you picked up some lovely things too.
Kim xx

Felicity said...

oh it sounds like such fun,wish I could have gone although my purse is better for me not going!!

good place to stash the tiffin for later, he he!!!
felicity xx

claire Maraldo said...

It was lovely to meet you too Rachel and also lovely to see all the pix of your purchases. I love seeing everyone's treasure!

Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Rachel, thank you for the mention, glad you like your purchases. I do remember you buying them, I'm just sorry it was so busy I didn't get the chance to find out who you were at the time! Glad you had a good day, I was amazed at the number of people who came, just wish I'd had some time to socialize and shop!
Lucy x

Goosey said...

Agreed, it was a lovely day and so good to see handmade stuff on sale.

thevintagemagpie said...

Hi Rachel,

It was great to meet you at the fair. What a wonderful day it was! Looks like you bagged quite a few goodies! x


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