Thursday, 6 March 2008

Hey,I'm back!

I honestly didn't intend to be away from my blog for this long.I've been on holiday and had a fantastic time.We've never been away in February before but I can highly recommend it.We were all very excited to be going to Barbados and meeting some friends who were already there.We all had a wonderful time,ate too much drank lots of lovely cocktails and raced canoes with our families .My son perfecting his surfing technique!
This is where we stayed, Sandy lane hotel..HA HA not really, we stayed at Sandy Bay and our beach was much better than theirs!We did visit on a catamaran.
Anyway don't want to bore you so onto other news, I will be updating my website in the next week with lots of new makes.I'm also going to introduce a Vintage section as my friend Karen has got lots of lovely things to show you, brooches, beaded bags, mohair bears to name a few.This section will probably open in the next 3 weeks so do check out the website if you're interested.

I have been busy making these brooches for a local 'French style Boutique' which has kept me very busy
I'll be back tomorrow to show you the rest as I've got an event tonight and I haven't packed my goodies yet! TTFN!


Cowboys & Custard said...

So glad you are back Rachel after a gorgeous looking holiday...
Will you be selling your corsages on your website?? So pretty!


Lucy Bloom said...

Hi Rachel, thanks for visiting me and your lovely comments, wow what a fantastic holiday - lucky you!
best wishes,
Lucy x


Looks like your new flower corsages may have been influenced by the lovely colour of blue, you experienced, whilst on that lovely holiday you have just returned from. I am so glad you had a lovely break away, from our very cold weather. x

shabby chic said...

OOh those photos look lovely, sounds like you had a great time too. its nice being away as you can really relax . The corsage brooches are very lovely ,
x Dominique

Wild Rose said...

What a wonderful place to visit in February. How I wish I was there! We are having yet another winter storm tonight and more snow expected tomorrow. When will this winter ever end?

I hope that you are enjoying a taste of spring in your part of the world and welcome back!

Marie x

Monkee Maker said...

Oh wow - those blue skies .... that blue sea .... it looks gorgeous!

That corsage is pretty stunning too.


twiggypeasticks said...

Your holiday looked fab!! and I love your corsage and your tiny teddies are soooo cute, thanks so much for dropping by and leaving lovely comments on my blog

Summer by the sea said...

Hi there - I am so jealous! Barbados looks like Heaven! - Your corsages are really pretty - Natalie x

Florence said...

Welcome back! What an amazing holiday you look to have had...such a shame that you have come back to such awful weather though!

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.

Vintage Amethyst said...

Hallo glad to have you back!
Oooh you must have had a wonderful holiday, looks fantastic!
Love Alison x


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