Monday, 10 December 2007

Sooo.. behind

Yep, I am just so behind with my Christmas prep this year.I haven't MADE Christmas cards yet let alone send them!In fact the only ones I've made and sent were to my in-laws in Spain.That's a story in itself.I made them a parcel of Christmas goodies, nothing to heavy,Thornton's choccies Scottish shortbread, slippers , crossword book and body cream.My daughter and myself rushed to the post office and as there wasn't a parking space, I drove very slowly around the block while she went to post it .Well,10 minutes later she returned still clutching the parcel.You're not gonna believe it mum, but it's gonna cost £ 29 to send it so I thought I 'd better let you think about it .It took me ooh 1 second to decide,we'll have to go home and take something out.Apparently it costs about £10 to send a 2 kilogram parcel but anything over that goes up dramatically.In effect,we took out the shortbread and the crossword book which cost about £5 and saved ourselves £19, how ridiculous is that( hope my mo in law doesn't read this blog as I've just ruined the surprise)

We haven't put our tree up yet as we've just had a very busy weekend.The school Christmas fair on Friday went really well.I sold lots and had lots of lovely comments about my stuff.I was up at 6 am on Saturday morning as I had the local craft fair to do.It was all very festive but I had a very slow start.Around lunch time I had a customer with a Cath Kidston bag and I had a feeling she might like my stuff.She was a lovely lady and she bought handfuls of Christmas decs and a garland I also had lovely friends popping in to see me during the afternoon which made time pass more quickly.Cups of tea, toasted tea cakes and gossip do that don't they.My lovely daughter came to see me on her lunch break and then she returned to help me pack away at 4 pm.Then it was back home for a bath and to dye my hair before going out for a Christmas meal and disco with friends.Oh yeah, I know how to live it up lol we were back home by 12.30 having a cup of tea!Some of the others went out clubbing but we were too knackered!Obviously we'd over done it at the disco Ha all that strutting to Beyonce! We were going to put the tree up on Sunday but were too tired to get it all out of the loft .I think we'll do it tomorrow.We like to play Christmas music and have some hot mince pies while hanging up the decs.What are your family Christmas traditions?

Bought these at the car boot for£1, aren't they pretty! Must get back to my sewing now as I've got 2 more events this week.Thank you for all your lovely comments wishing me Good Luck at the craft fairs.


Vintage Amethyst said...

Glad the fair went well and you sold lots of lovely things to people.
Hope you get your tree up soon, pop over to my blog to read about our decorating tradition!
love Alison x


About your parcel, it doesn't surprise me, did you read my post, the Christmas morning post, the comments I got on this one were really interesting, everyone seems fed up with the postal service, a total rip off. You can always tell your in-laws how clever you have been by finishing off the crosswords and the shortbread! Also not surprised about you selling more of your lovely crafts, as you know I am very pleased with mine. You sound like me, I shall be going through the ritual with the hair dye in a few days, even though I have a permanent these days with my hairdresser, the grey comes through so quick, I have to put on a semi between appointments for a permanent, does that make sense, basically it just means that I am verging on 'past it'! I am out with the girls on Saturday for my first of two meals for the festivities! I love those glasses, they were a really good buy for a £1, I would have snapped those up, if only I had been in front of the queue! x

Wild Rose said...

Isn't it crazy how expensive postage is these days! Still, you are more organized than I am ~ I haven't even made presents for my nephews/niece in the UK and I have definitely missed the last posting date!

We got our (real) tree on Sunday and I started decorating it on Monday, but I am not at all organized ~ I have a door wreath in the spare room awaiting my attentions and if I don't hurry up and do something with it, I think it will be well and truly wilted!

Glad to hear that your Christmas fair went well ~ I have another one next week, so I'm hoping to have a few sales.

Merry Christmas!

Marie x

Tracy said...

So glad it went so well, and that you had sales success! You are not alone in the being behind on Christmas...The gift are bough, wrapped and ready and/or on their way in the post. But decorating, I'm way behind, although have made a start this week. The tree goes up this weekend. I've done some baking. But there's more to do. It's been some tough days lately, so I've been dragging my feet a little--LOL! Happy Days making ready! ((HUGS))

Nicky said...

Oh Im so glad you said that.. Im so behind I don't know what to attempt first, pre-xmas panic is setting in! Good luck to you! x

Claire said...

Hi Rachel

It was great to talk to your at the craft fair in the Langdale Hall today. I have just been looking at your website (and blog) and your stuff is so lovely (would love to see your house and summer house!. I will definitely come back to it for gifts - the red baby shoes are gorgeous (and I have lots of pregnant friends at the moment!!). I think everything is underpriced though and you should add 2 or 3 pounds to all the prices! Hand-made stuff takes time to make and is precious!

Love, Claire (Freddie's mum)

Cowboys & Custard said...

I am so glad to hear that you did well at your recent craft fair.. I had almost written them off after a fairly dismal one I did last week.
I think those glasses were an absolute bargain!
Now where is this car boot sale???
Love your blog!


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