Friday, 7 December 2012

Still at it!

Oh yes, I've still been making handmade Christmas presents. Usually every year I attempt handmade gifts, but I never do as many as I'd like , but this year I'm really trying hard and I'm enjoying it too!
Usually I buy 1 new decoration per year , but this year I've made my own Snowmen, from one of the brilliant Tilda books.Made them from a cotton sheet and my sisters old curtains!
I've also started on my handmade Christmas cards too, so chuffed that I managed to learn to crochet simple snowflakes, still can't work out how to do a star though!
I've started a granny blanket too...dont know whether I'll get that finished in time...we'll see.
Also been making more brooches for my nieces and my little Etsy shop
I love to see everyones Christmas makes, trees and festivities on their blogs at this time of year
Anyway I must pop to the post office, better pick up stamps for my cards, that'll be a small fortune then!
Have a wonderful weekend
I'm off to London tomorrow to have a girly day with my daughter, shopping (Caravan)and Columbia Rd and exhibitions, can't wait!
Rachel x


Paula said...

Hello sweet Rachel! I love your darling snowmen! You always make the sweetest things! I am so excited about the pretties I ordered from your lovely shop! I love the Christmas cards you made and the pretty snowflakes. You did a fabulous job! The brooch is gorgeous! Love the fabric! Enjoy the day in London with your sweet girl! Hugs and love, Paula xoxo

Vintage Sheet Addict said...

Those snowmen have given me a giggle! :)

thriftwood said...

Lovely makes Rachel, enjoy your girly day tomorrow xxx

Natasha said...

Oh those snowmen!! So adorable and I love the snowflakes on the cards, are they bookmarks? how cute to have a little snowflake hanging out of your books!!

found and sewn said...

I love the snowflakes...what lovely gifts x

lemonade kitty said...

I go weak at the knee's at the mere mention of Columbia Road, I love it down there specially on a Sunday when the flower market is on. Your snowmen are lovely I want to give them a big hug, I hope they don't melt!! Lucey x

harmony and rosie said...

Lovely gifts, they should go down well. I love your crochet collar too.
Kate x


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