Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday Crafting

Hello lovely gals,
Today has been a good day, I've been trying to get ahead of myself with handmade gifts for Christmas.
I have good intentions every year, but this time I REALLY am determined to have a handmade Christmas.These are little teddy brooches for my little nieces.Really enjoyed making them with their little winter scarves.

Need to make something for my 5 yr old nephew, don't think he'd be impressed with one of these....any ideas?

I've been finishing making goodies for my little shop and stall too....too many unfinished projects around the place!That said, I'm attempting Amigurumi today, mind you , I can hardly spell it never mind do it!

Have a lovely weekend
Rachel x


Anonymous said...
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~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Those little bears are DARLING!

have a sweet weekend!

Dazie said...

Such lovely gifts Love the scotties!

Lululoves said...

Love those sweet bears! How about a dino or monster softie for your nephew? Have lovely weekend. Em xx

Madelief said...

Your Christmas gifts look lovely Rachel. The little dogs are my favourite!

Madelief x

Helen Philipps said...

I love your sweet little bears and dogs, they are adorable! I saw somewhere a robot made from felt....that might be a good idea for your nephew?
Have a happy crafty week!
Helen x

cafenoHut said...

What an inspiring blog. I love your all post.
Thank you so much for your nice comment to my blog.

found and sewn said...

The teddy brooches are so sweet!

Candy Pop said...

They are soooooo cute!


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