Monday, 4 April 2011

Well I have to say after a lovely start to the day ( previous post) the day continued to be pretty special! There was a knock at the door about 10.30am, a delivery of a Cream Tea! From my gorgeous girl in Brighton.She sent a Sainsburys delivery of scones, Bonne Maman jam, clotted cream, strawberries, Twinings afternoon tea and The Observer!It always brings a little tear to my eye when special things like that happen! It was a wonderful treat and I thoroughly enjoyed all my special attention! Thanks kids, love ya loads!

My son was very attentive all day with lots of cups of tea bless him! He set out the cream tea on a cake plate too!

We did get soaking wet in the afternoon, shower and hail whilst we walked Wilson and we got caught out but hey ho I just put my PJ's on at 4pm and read a book! Haven't done that for a while!

Just wanted to say Hello! to all the new followers and commenters on my blog too! Welcome to my little bit if the world!

I REALLY do appreciate ALL of your comments and the fact that you popped by!

Have a wonderful week

Rachel x


Serenata said...

Seems like you had a really special day. :-)

Heidi said...

These look so delicous...what a grand day!

swedishouse said...

Hello Rachel

What a lovely and novel gesture your daughter did for you!
And your son too...tea all day ;-D
He arranged the scones beautifully too
Have a grrrreat week ahead

Poppy said...

How could you do this to me when I'm feeling so hungry! I'm glad you had a good day though.

Lou xxx

Pene said...

Oh golly lucky you, what a lovely idea sending you a cream tea!!
I'm drooling at the thought of it ;) x

HoldMyHand said...

Ooo those scones look fab, what a great gift, sounds like you had a good day.

LissyLou said...

oh my goodness, that is such a lovely idea!!!!

greenrabbitdesigns said...

What a really lovely treat! :)
Vivienne x

delia hornbook said...

ooohhhh thats made my mouth water yummy ;-)) dee x

lily said...

You had a truly DELICIOUS day, lovely thoughtful gift from your daughter and what a sweetheart your son was being on tea making duty all day.
lily x

Carole said...

You're really lucky ! And the scones looks absolutely delicious... we might try an approaching version next time we make some.

Naomi said...

Mouth watering!! Sounds like you had a lovely day!

Much love Naomi xx


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