Tuesday, 21 September 2010

On my list today...

  1. Do the washing

  2. Empty the dishwasher

  3. Take Wilson for a walk

  4. Make son's lunch for 6th form trip

  5. Go to charity warehouse to source more fabric

  6. Go shopping

  7. Pack shopping away(I hate that bit)

  8. Finish making cover for hall table

I'm pleased to say I've managed to do the all by lunch time except No.8, that is still a WIP, do you want to see?

The dress I was going to use was stitched in panels so I had to rethink. Idecided to make a patchwork cover and mixed it in with other fabrics. The beige rose fabric is the dress. I also used an offcut of my daughters curtains, a pillowcase and leftover cushion faric I've had for a few years!And do you know what, I'm really pleased with it so far! I need to add 1 more panel, back it and then add the pompom trim!

I'm off to make myself some lunch while Wilson has his little nap(tired from his walk)

Rachel x


bellaboo said...

I'm with you on number 7!
Loving the cloth so far. :o)

Tabiboo said...

I always hate unloading the dishwasher - I sometimes pay the eldest boo to do!

Love your patchwork cloth - the colours are inspiring.

Nina xx

♥coco rose♥ said...

unstacking the dishwasher is my top hate, followed closely by putting the food shop away. I just stuff it all in the fridge and hubby hates that I don't do it neatly and rotate!!!!!! I know by doing that he re-does it all later!

Your table cover looks awesome! well done! I just need to get to grips with my sewing machine! xxxxxxxxx

VintageVicki said...

Hurrah another list maker :)

Almost finished my today list of boring stuff - just putting clean sheets on bed left to do. Then I can start on my 'nice' list which is items that need making for swaps/giveaways :)

Floss said...

Well done! My list went weird when I shifted half of it to Thursday, and did half of Thursday's things today! I have a terrible feeling some things will get left out altogether...

Thanks for your comment. I think you have been very strict on yourself with the Challenge - perhaps tougher than I ever was! I see what you mean about the change of season making it harder. Hold on in there, and I'll basically be still doing it too!

Pipany said...

Lovely colours, particularly the red and white. Great to tick things off the list isn't it? x

Suzanne said...

Love your little quilt!
Very inspiring and lovely colours.

Emma Kate said...

Check you out all organised and finding time for making VERY pretty things. I am very jealous.
Your cover is looking really lovely x

Heidi said...

Boy you got a ton done I wish I had been as productive!

Poppy said...

Hello trouble, love the patchwork!

I had a big list for today…I didn’t get any of it done.

Lou xxx

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