Wednesday, 2 June 2010

I'm still around!

Just to let you know I am still around! We have swapped to Windows 7 and I can't get to grips with uploading photos from the camera! Grrr!!

The Hubster is away at the mo and he's the man to sort it out for me

I have loads of news to share and I've been to choose my little dog! We shall be collecting him at the end of the month! Can't wait!

I have some thank you's for swaps to say, but I can't show you the piccies so I'll do that next time!

Hope you are all enjoying the lovely weather! I've been doing some planting today in the warm sunshine!


Serenata said...

Good to see you haven't disappeared! Exciting news about your new puppy. Been a fab day for gardening.

winnibriggs said...

Nice to know you've not deserted us and we have something else to look forward to now.

Blondie's Journal said...

I am very excited for you with the pup!! I am sure he is a darling!


Emma Kate said...

Very good to see you and glad you are well. OOOOOOO Can't wait to see all your piccies of loveliness xxx

Carole said...

Warm sunshine ? Where ? I want some of that too !! I hope it'll reach us soon, my garden is really damp and outside it's really cold !!

clare said...

Hi Hun xx Its great to hear your well...i sooo can't wait to see pic's of your puppy!Its been a gorgeous day & evening here too...but ive spent most of the day trying to catch up on the dreaded HW...:-(
but hoping to spend tomo..crafting!
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog xx speak soon hugs clare xx

bellaboo said...

Can't wait to see new pup!

Bellaboo :0)

Heidi said...

Yeah your back missed ya!!!

Madelief said...

Hi Rachel,

I am glad your back. Missed you! How exciting to collect your puppy. I hope you will be able to show us some photo's soon!

Wish you a happy weekend!

Lieve groet, Madelief

Gorgeous Things said...

Ooh the sound of little paws around the house - lucky you! I'm looking forward to seeing him/her. Naughty computer not letting us see your photos!

Jacquie said...

Hi Rachel ,glad to hear all's well with you.I've missed yuor lovely posts.
Jacquie x

bad penny said...

exciting waiting for your dog said...

Am new to blogging and have had to force myself to get to grips with the 'technical side' of it, which can be difficult for creatives. Luckily my 'hubster' does this boring computer stuff for a living, so he's been very useful of late!

clare said...

Hi Hun xx Hope all is well??
And that your enjoying this gorgeous weather we've been having..hope that new puppy isn't keeping you too
Anyway..please could you email me your your strawberry swap goodies are ready to be posted.
Thanks hun speak soon xx
Clare x Weekend Crafter x


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