Saturday, 30 May 2009

Wonderful Vintage and Handmade Fair!

Yes indeed it truly was wonderful! Where to start, I set off in hubby's car with his trusty sat nav for company, I was a bit nervous as it was 62 miles away.Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised it was quite an easy journey.I was also a little nervous as I stepped into the town hall, honestly, all these people that you chat to online and now meeting them in the flesh! I felt like I was meeting celebrities! There was no need to be nervous at all, whilst I was at Jane's stall buying some lovely stuff I met the lovely Lou from She really is a lovely lady, we had never met before but we walked around the Fair together, oohhing and aahhing about everyones stuff! I bought the lovely pins from Jane and also the gorgeous strawberry badge her daughter made, a very talented girl!

I bought the cards from the lovely and friendly Clare at elfieandme.I also bought this for my daughter as she's a sucker for notebooks.Whilst we were buying and chatting,Catherine from arrived, it was lovely to meet you Catherine and have a quick chat!

Lucy bloom had such pretty stuff I bought a few things from her , this tiny but very beautiful pin cushion

These very pretty and of course useful magnetic pegs!

The bundle of fabrics were such a bargain, I just had to buy them .I didn't really have much of a chat with Lucy as she had so many customers, I'm not surprised, her things were so pretty

Hen's stall looked fit to burst with prettiness
I've been admiring these for ages so I treated myself!http://http//

I 've been meaning to make one of thes for ages and just havent got around to it so I bought this one from Shabby Cchick, it was only £4.50 too, Bargain!

Last but not least, it was so so lovely to meet this lady, she is exactly how I thought she'd be, warm and friendly and also very clever to think of the idea and organize the Fair with Jane!I love her stuff too! Some of the toys bought back happy memories from childhood days!Michele very kindly gave me a Noddy badge too! Such a sweet thing to do!

The atmosphere at the fayre was buzzing,lots of ladies oohhing and aahhing and all buying pretty things, I could have bought lots more but I spent all my money!

I shall be saving my pennies to buy a gorgeous bunny from this lady I really, really want one They really are special, made by an extremely nice lady! It was lovely to meet you Nicky.

There were lots of other stalls I havent mentioned but they were all gorgeous, I'm sure you'll hear about them on other blogs! The cakes were delicious, especially the Tiffin, accidentally dropped a bit down my bra, don't know how I missed my mouth!

It really was a wonderful day out and I'm so glad I went. I'd recommend to anyone to try and visit the next one!

Rachel x

Monday, 25 May 2009

sunny weather

As the weather has been so beautiful, on Sunday afternoon we decided to go for a bike ride.My hubby and son wanted to cycle to Oxford. I did not.Oxford is 14 miles away, that's a 28 mile round trip! I knew my bottom and legs would not make it!I thought it would be nice to cycle to this little spot,it's the river Windrush and it's about 5 minutes ride away from our house, we went the long way which took 25 mins.
It's so quiet and beautiful in this little spot.You can just hear the water babbling under the bridge .
This is the old converted mill next to the river
This was a very puzzling scene that we passed on the way to the river.A group of horses all facing one horse who had a foal lying next to her on the ground (out of shot)The foal wasn't moving, I was worried it had died but hubby reckons it was just asleep, what do you think ?

Back home and it's time for a spot of gardening.It's a jungle out there!

See what I mean!

In other news I've added some pretty vintage brooches to the

Hope you've all had a lovely Bank holiday weekend!

Rachel x

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Drumroll please

And the winner of the Giveaway is............
GINGERWINE, Well Done to you!

I shall post your little parcel off to you as soon as I have your details .
Rachel x

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Some snippets

Just a few little snippets of the tiny shop, more tomorrow
I love to save my jam jars for pretty storage.

This is the top of a small pine bookcase that I repainted to make the room look lighter.I bought the little blackboard at BHS in Brighton, It was £6 reduced from £15!

The lovely crinoline lady picture was £2 at a car boot sale last summer.It looks like a stitched picture but it's not, its paint on silk, I love it! Of course they both need to go up on the wall.

The little birds are hanging where my curtains should be, I've washed them but haven't got around to rehanging them yet

This white shelving unit cost £2 at the boot.Bargain.It's perfect for small stuff.

I shall show you more tomorrow

Rachel x

Monday, 18 May 2009

I did it on my own

Yes indeedy, I cannot believe I have done it, as I've said before I'm not very computer literate.I'm waffling I know, but really, I've shocked myself.As you know I recently opened my Artfire studio,well that got the ball rolling so today I've opened a blogshop

Iwill be having lots of lovely vintage items on offer as well as my handmade stuff. I've just put a few items on at the mo and I'll be adding more tomorrow,in fact throughout the week!

My tiny shop is our spare room, it used to be our guest room but I've redecorated it, cotton white, to make it look bigger and we've put in some new book cases from Ikea, I shall show you some photos this week as I'm just adding the finishing touches in red pale blue and pink.We've put in a pretty chandelier too so its a lovely light to work in now.Don't forget the Giveaway, I shall be making the draw on Wednesday evening and I shall post the parcel off to the lucky winner on Thursday.I'm happy to send overseas too so feel free to enter.All you have to do is leave a comment on this or the previous post.Good Luck!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Shall we have a giveaway?

I think we shall! I'ts a very dreary day here today, so lets do something to cheer us up!

Not sure what I'm giving away yet but it will include something vintage and definately something handmade!Please leave a comment on this post if you would like to join in and I'll include you in the draw.We'll do the draw next Wednesday shall we! That gives us a week.

When I had a stall at Burford 2 Saturdays ago I met Julia from What a lovely lady, I could've chatted for hours.It's a bit of a surreal conversation though when your telling someone, you love how they've painted their bedside cabinet, yet you've never met before! Julia can crochet too the clever thing! Lovely to meet you Julia!
The photos today are from my lovely Karen's stall.We have stalls together in Witney, she sells all sorts of jewellery but this is just a snippet of her vintage collection.Isn't it wonderful!

I'm off to make some star garlands for Artfire

Hey, thanks for all the lovely comments you leave me, really appreciate it!

See you soonRachel x

Friday, 1 May 2009


I've decided to make a few changes in my life, they seem quite big for me.

Firstly I'm going natural, in the cleaning department that is.I'm fed up with sneezing every time I clean, yes I know that may be the dust, but I think it's also the chemicals too ! I don't think it will be easy but I've made up my mind and I'll be ordering from here later

The second decision I've made is to sign up to I've dilly dallied about this decision for a very long time.In fact last year I was talking about joining Etsy but I just didn't get around to it.For one thing I just didn't feel computer literate enough to do it.My family are brilliant but I can't keep asking them to help me every time on the computer.The other thing I was worried about, what if no one likes my stuff, how embarrassing! Anyway I've gone for it,I joined Artfire and then it took me a while to pluck up courage and list some stuff! Surprisingly it's quite easy to use, even I can do it!I'm so excited and pleased to have done it,can't believe how much time I wasted just thinking about it.Fingers crossed for a sale in the next few weeks!

Rachel x


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