Sunday, 28 June 2009

Shabby chic loot

I've had such a busy time, I never got around to showing you my loot from the boot!I love all of these items, but they're all destined for my stall!

If these don't sell I'll keep them, but they are so pretty I think they'll go.

These tiny buckets are so cute
A gorgeous Hanley jug.

Whoops! Those are my legs in the mirror of the medicine cabinet! My daughter came with me to the boot today,I didn't think she'd manage to get up at 5.40,but she did! She drank her cup of tea in the car! She moves into rented accommodation in September, so she bought 2 pretty vintage plates for the kitchen.

I'm feeling really tired today as I had a stall at Burford which is an early start.I had a night out with hubby last night too! After getting up at 5.40 for the boot today I'm a bit tired. No time for a nap though as I've got a date with a huge pile of ironing!

Pictures from Burford

Some of my jewellery, mainly vintage.
Need to make some brooches as I haven't got many left!

Oh forgot to tell you, whilst at Burford yesterday, a chap in his 40's with his friend jokingly commented about my stuff 'Oh those were the days, when women knew their place, in the kitchen cooking, I prefer those days, to which I smiled and said' I bet you do', he then joked 'Aha,it always provokes a comment' and he laughed.He then said, 'do you recognise me, I was in Bros? No I said, they were blonde twins and another bloke! 'Yes' he said,' I'm the other one , Craig Logan,' I didn't believe him at first, I said You're too tall! The other too were really tall too, he answered.'I've got your CD at home, I'll check later I joked, anyway, I've looked him up on YouTube and it really is him, he's in music management now.I would never have recognised him if he hadn't said though, I'd only recognise the other two Do you remember him now? He's the one with the dark hair!

Now, the giveaway, I never did get around to showing you the giveaway gifts.The winner will receive one of my handmade pincushions and a hand knitted brooch! I shall make the draw tomorrow so there is still time to enter, all you need to do is leave a comment on this post or the last post and you're in the draw, Simples! Don't be shy!

I'm off into the garden to do some planting,enjoy the rest of your Sunday!
Rachel x


Moe said...

Hi Rachael,
I just came across your blog it is really lovely, I used to love Bros but can imagine they would be totally different now though! I Love your Vintage finds espically the little buckets and I also Love your Pears Soap picture, I would Love to be included in the hat for your giveaway!
Moe x

dottydotty said...

I know that i have already commented but I just wanted to say how lsuh that broach is


Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Rachel

I love Burford.. it is somewhere we try and visit at least once a year .. last time being a couple of months ago when we went to the huge Garden Centre there..
I remember Bros well.. they wore Grolsch bottle tops on their shoes and came from Camberley in Surrey where my mother once owned an antiques shop...
I am sorry if I am being forgetful.. who is Wilson?
Michele xx

Cowboys and Custard said...

Hello Rachel
Yes I do remember now... I do hope you get your Wilson too..
Sorry the heat is wilting my brain!


MelMel said...

Fantastic boot buys! WOW!

Anonymous said...

Hi Rachel,

Your blog is really nice. Is that true that you saw Craig? This is just so funny...


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