Thursday, 30 April 2009

New Fabrics

I fancied buying some new fabrics to inspire me but didn't want to part with a lot of money so off I went to the boot with my friend Karen The first is a lovely soft cord.It was a girls dress and cost only 20p!.I think I might make some girly purses from this fabric.
This is a lovely crisp cotton that was a blouse.This was '3 items for a £1'.I've already used all of this fabric!

This fabric was a dress from Next with the tags still on and was only a £1! So was this one too!

Lovely crisp cottons again.

A lovely soft cotton, looks like Ticking.

This is my favourite fabricSo pretty, but not very much of it as they were trousers for a 4 year old.

I'm off to do some sewing, have a lovely day everyone!

Rachel x


rachel the krafty girl said...

such pretty fabric


rachel the krafty girl said...
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Anonymous said...

Hi there, I love your blog and I hope you dont mind but I've added your blog to my blogroll on my site.
I am hosting a swap at the moment on my site, please feel free to pop over and take a look, and to joint he swap if you wish.
Take Care
Love Melanie xxx


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