Monday, 20 April 2009

The Diddy Cupboard

Let me tell you about the diddy cupboard.When I was a little girl, we used to go and visit my nan and grandad at the weekend.In their living room was a little knick knack glass fronted cabinet.You know the sort that people bought after the war.My nan and grandad didn't have anything valuable but they kept little souvenirs in it, stuff that their own 5 children had bought for them.Well me and my sister thought the BEST thing in the cabinet was a souvenir that my 17 year old uncle had bought my nan.A rude mug, which was the figure of a lady with wobbly boobs which jiggled up and down when we leaned against the cabinet! This was the highlight of our visit we'd rush to the cupboard to see who could wobble them first.My nan called it the diddy mug , 'Are you wobbling them diddies again'.Hence our name for the cabinet.I remember my grandad kept the sherry glasses in there too, for a little tipple!

Sadly my nan died nearly 14 years ago and then my grandad a few years later.When I was asked if I'd like anything from the house, of course I asked for the DIDDY, no not the mug, the lovely cupboard, it held such sentimental memories for me.Do you know, I never knew what became of the mug, unless my uncle had it back.I don't think my sister's got it hidden away for a secret wobble!

I've painted it cream and lined the back with fabric.

The top of my little cupboard.The Cath Kidston notelets were a mothers day gift from my lovely daughter who is away at uni.It brought a tear to my eye as I opened them, as she knows I love the style but I won't pay the prices. Also I know she hasn't got much money and she still bought them! The gorgeous Russian doll is a lovely gift from my sister who stayed with us at the weekend.We both love the same style.How lucky am I!


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