Thursday, 16 December 2010

And the winner is....

TABIBOO! Well done to you!

I shall pop your giveaway parcel in the post as soon as I have your address.

Just to let you know, the giveaway is the only nice bit of my day today! I have been working outdoors on my little stall and I was rained on sleeted on and as the snow blew right into my stall some of my stock got wet too! Normally I am a cheerful sort of a gal but today I was not a happy bunny!

However I did treat myself to this cheery tea cosy in Robert Dyas for only £2.99.
I bought a matching cake tin too for my Christmas baking !I packed up early and I'm warming up at home with a mug of coffee with a dash of Baileys in it!


Surely tomorrow has got to be better!

Love this banner by Jan Constantine!

Rachel x


Emma Kate said...

Awww how rubbish that your day was so wet and miserable, I am sure tomorrow will be better, sending you big hugs Em xxx

Serenata said...

A big congratulations to Nina.

Sorry to hear about your miserable day, hope you are warming up now.

Tabiboo said...

Oh dear - it has been an awful day and to be stuck out in it too.

Thank you so much - I will treasure and share....a little - with the girls.

Enjoy your Baileys

Nina xxxxxx

VintageVicki said...

Well done to Nina.

:( today was not an outdoors sort of day - hope the chill has worn off now.

Helen Philipps said...

Love the tea cosy - gorgeous colours and great that you've got a matching cake tin too. It's nice that something cheerful happened for you after the cold and horrible bit. Hope tomorrow is much better for you. Helen x

♥coco rose♥ said...

Well done Nina!

Awwww what a rubbish day....well, put it behind you, have a cup of your favourite drink and munchie to go with it and relax for a bit! he he!

Love the tea cosy. I was in Dyas yesterday and drooling over some of their lovelies!


Heidi said...


bellaboo said...

Glad you found nice goodies to cheer you up! I've had my eye on that range of kitchen stuff in RD.Love the cosy! :0)

Madelief said...

Hi Rachel,

Sorry to hear you had such a cold and wet day. Hope your weekend will be better! Congratulations to the winner of your giveaway!

Lieve groet, Madelief


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