Saturday, 8 May 2010

Thank you for the Strawberry love ladies!

Bellaboo was very close! She thought I was going to make buting and it is, sort of!

I have made a Strawberry Garland and some strawberry keyrings so far

It was a swap that I'm taking part in that inpired me!
I did want to plant up some pots today but it's soggy and wet outdoors!
Hopefully it will be nicer tomorrow!
will you be gardening this weekend?
Rachel x


winnibriggs said...

They are both great. How pretty and summery even if the weather isn't. If it stays like this(miserable here) I will be planning not actually gardening.

Kristen said...

My five year old would say. "Oooo, scrumptious!" It all looks wonderful. I love the strawberries on twine. We ate the first two strawberries out of our garden yesterday!

bellaboo said...

Love what you've made with the strawberries! I did a bit of potting yesterday,before the rain started.No need to worry about watering them tonight,eh?!

Bellaboo :0)

Blondie's Journal said...

How can it be that we have the same weather. It has also been cold, too. I do love your strawberries, especially the keychains. SO cute!!


Jille said...

Lovely garland and keychains. Very cheerful in this miserable weather that we are having. My strawberry plants are beginning to have flowers! Have a lovely weekend.
Jille x

MelMel said...

ooohhhhh....thay are lovely!
I like strawberry items...x

Amanda said...

They are adorable, so good I could almost eat them in fact - I love strawberries! Well done xx

koralee said...

Sooooo adorable!!!! I love it! Makes me want to eat a big fat strawberry..and guess what...I have some! Now I just need the cream...hugs my friend.

Jacquie said...

Wow ,love your strawberry garland!!
The sun has returned today (phew)
so I'm off to inspect the garden.Enjoy Sunday :0)
Jacquie x said...

I see your stawberries so today I put up my strawberries from the freezer and added a little humour with it. Have a look.

I like your blogs.


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